Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recent conversations with Little Elvis

We dined al fresco this evening, per Little Elvis' request. Spaghetti in the great outdoors? Why not?

Toward the end of our meal, he just blurted this out:

Little Elvis: I told (current crush) that I wanted to marry her, but she said, 'No.'

Bob and I were a little stunned. Bob said that she was too young to be making such a commitment. I asked if he asked her to be his girlfriend first. I suggested he try that, and if she said no, to just ask her to be his friend. He also told us that he really likes playing with her.

Here he is with a bouquet of dandelions that he picked for me. He picks me (and his teacher) flowers everytime he goes outside.

Little Elvis also thinks his Grandpa Stew lives in Pennsylvania, because he likes pencils.

There's a road in our area with Lake in the name. Little Elvis told me that he didn't see a lake the last time we were on that road. I told him that he was right, there wasn't a lake. The other night while getting ready for bed, he said to me, "Mommy, let tell you a little something about my friend XX." XX is his best friend and he talks about him all the time. I put XX, because he always calls his best friend by his first and last names. He didn't tell me anything about the best friend by the way, just wanted to delay bedtime.
This evening he said, "Mommy, I want to ask you a question." Then, instead of a question, he told me that when God gave him the power to fly, he would fly me anywhere I wanted to go.

He's really into reading signs. We went to a party at the skating rink this weekend, and he read "girls" on the women's bathroom door. He told an older little girl (estimating 8 or 9) that she could go to that bathroom.

She looked at me, confused. I told her that he was just pointing out where the bathroom was for her. Then she asked me why Little Elvis had blond hair, while his mommy and daddy had brown hair. I told her that his daddy used to have blond hair when he was little.

This little girl has an older brother, who is always so nice to Little Elvis at church. The older boy's mom said that they all loved talking to Little Elvis, because he talked so "growny."

Little Elvis is very formal with his speech. If you ask him a yes, or no question, he will say, "I do," or "I don't."

Instead of too, he will say, "... as well." As in, "I would like some juice as well." or "I want to go to the bathroom as well."

The as well most likely came from me, but we have no clue where he learned the I do's.

He's a funny little boy.


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