Tuesday, June 21, 2011

House of owies

It's been a rough week around our household -- at least for the littles.

Last Thursday night Little Elvis started running a fever (of course, it always happens when the doctor's office is closed.) It got up to 103 around midnight, and I had him an appointment for 10:30 Friday morning.

He woke up on Friday with no fever and feeling fine. I pushed his appointment back to the afternoon, and watched as he played and had a blast all morning. By the time we got to the doctor's office, he had a slight fever. By the time the doctor got into our room he was rubbing his left ear.

Poor guy had an ear infection. He must have a pretty decent threshold for ear pain.

He was feeling much better by Sunday, and we were hanging out at my parents' house. My wild child tripped while running over pillows and fell headfirst into a wooden rocking chair.

Though he was screaming bloody murder, he found the strength to smile at the camera. Don't worry, he didn't bruise. So the cries were probably more from being scared.

As for Baby Plum, he started running a fever after supper (of course...) and he was rubbing his ear when I put him in his crib. Guess I'll call the doctor first thing tomorrow morning.


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