Monday, June 20, 2011

Late talkers

Little Elvis was a late talker. He didn't really start saying anything more than dada until he was 22 months old. It had both of us worried, especially since he was tall for his age. We'd be at the playground and he would tower over kids that were speaking in sentences! (Turns out he was a year younger than both of them, even though he was an inch taller than both of them.)

Despite all of the fears, we constantly heard from others that we shouldn't worry -- he would start talking and wouldn't stop. Those people were right. Once he started, he really didn't stop.

This child can chatter through an hour and a half car trip.
Onto his younger brother -- who isn't saying much at 20 months. We've been trying to encourage more words, but he's not into it yet. His pediatrician scheduled a 21-month check-up to check on his speech, and it's in just a couple of weeks.

Since his brother didn't really take off until 22 months, we hadn't been worrying.

And Baby Plum amazes us with what he understands. He follows commands better than his brother.

Still, we've been pushing 'banana' and 'book' on him this week.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

What a great photo of Little Elvis!

And pushing 'banana' and 'book' sounds clever. Even if you just get a 'b' sound, you can claim it's either one!

I've noticed Mattias saying 'hee' at appropriate times for 'hot' and 'hi,' so I told the doctor that he says both those words (in his own way, of course).

11:58 PM  

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