Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poor baby

Baby Plum had strep throat the other day. He didn't act like he hurt, but his fever was pretty high.
Here he is enjoying a fruit leather while we wait for the result of the strep test.
He was too fast for me to get a shot of his cute face, so instead I got his pretty curls.

Poor baby got a shot for his strep. The doctor didn't think I could manage giving antibiotics to both boys, so she said he should get a shot. We've never done that, and I didn't know it would be one of those super-painful ones (like tetanus or Rho-GAM.)

Baby Plum bawled and bawled, and I was so mad. He loves his daddy, and has no desire to have anything to do with me if Bob is near. But I was the only one in the room, so I had to be the one that held him for the shot. Bob got to be the hero when we finally got back to the waiting room, because it took me several minutes to calm most of the screams. The second he was in his daddy's arms, he quieted to snuffles.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love the curls!!!!

Oh man, the strep thing. We had our first encounter with strep this year. I had both the boys on antibiotics at the same time and IT WAS ROUGH. I wish we'd been given the shot option. At least the pain of giving one of them medication was over quickly - as opposed to 10 days twice a day (times two kids). Uck.

Hope they're feeling better!

12:11 PM  

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