Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Plum mugs for the camera

Baby Plum loves the camera as much as Little Elvis used to. It's a lot of fun to have smiling of pictures of at least one of the boys. (I'm tired of the cheesy face!)

Baby Plum enjoying a snack of a banana and a juice box we got in the mail. He loves to sit on our step stool when he eats. (To me, his hair looks like Trixie's from the comic strip Hi and Lois.)
This is a kind of action shot. I'm pretty sure I have one of Little Elvis around this age that's similar. I will have to do some digging to find it.
Baby Plum is very into clothes these days. He picks out his shirt and shoes most mornings. His favorite shoes are his Sunday shoes. I'm letting him wear them, though I do try to dress him a little more nicely. He also loves to wear his big brother's and Daddy's shirts. He picked out his cape for this ensemble. I made it for Little Elvis' birthday party back in February. It barely fits now.

He's a funny little boy. We're having a good time together.


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