Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Plum - Big 2-year-old

Baby Plum is officially a 2-year-old. This was taken right before his birthday, and I haven't downloaded the birthday video yet.

He had a big time at his birthday party. Little Elvis asked before the party began if he could blow out the candles and open the presents, and Baby Plum said, "Apm."

They both loved all the toys and played well with the other kids. It was a small family party.

What to say about sweet, sweet Baby Plum. He's a mostly happy little boy, although the two's are starting to make an appearance. He's a squealer, and the much louder of our two boys.

Baby Plum has a funny sense of humor, and seems to understand so much. He likes to watch Mickey Mouse when we get home from dropping Little Elvis off at school. Mickey asks questions, and Baby Plum always answers, "Apm."

It makes sense, because he is the most helpful little boy. He puts his dishes in the sink, and sometimes dishes he pulls out of the drawers he can reach. He throws trash away. He turns off the TV. He brings us things we ask for. He shares with his brother. He tries to open the stove and the fridge (thankfully he can't yet.)

He's not as big a hugger or kisser as Little Elvis was, though he is much more clingy. He hugs when he feels threatened by suspicious adults. He's been trying to figure out kissing. He's moved from nose sucks to open and closed mouth kisses. For a short while, he would kiss my mouth, nose and both eyes.

Yesterday after I changed his diaper, he grabbed my face and I thought he was trying to kiss me. Instead he tried to blow a raspberry on my mouth. I blow raspberries just about everytime I change his diaper, so it makes sense. My lips aren't Angelina Jolie size, so he didn't get too much of a sound.

And he loves music. We got him a little mini-drum machine thing for his birthday. It plays some standard beats and he's already worn out one set of batteries. My parents got him a keyboard with built in sounds, and he also plays it a lot. He doesn't play the drums or the piano, though. He just likes to play the pre-programmed beats and songs.

My mom also got him a little blue elephant doll that sings ABCs and 123s. There was one at nursery that he loved, and we found one like it at the last baby sale. He loved that thing for 2 days straight and it went everywhere. It's so cute when he hugs it. He's replaced it with the drum machine, but I think he'll go back to loving it soon.

He is the sweetest boy and we all love him so much.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Picture of Cheese Puff

We got to look at Cheese Puff today. Unlike Little Elvis and Baby Plum, this baby was not cooperative. We didn't get to look at the profile. But there are ten toes, ten fingers, and he's a boy!

Little Elvis wasn't very happy, and cried a little bit. He had his heart set on a sister. I told him that when he's older, he's going to be glad he got another brother. I also offered to let him help us pick out a name. He suggested Order. I had been floating August. I think Bob would prefer Order to Auggie -- the woman who did the sonograph said the baby was hiding his profile because he thought we were going to name him August.

He did give us the rocker sign with one of his hands. Bob didn't get to see that, but he thought it was funny.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer star!

Little Elvis had his first real soccer game on Tuesday night.
Here he is pretending to kick a soccer ball in his uniform. That's about the extent of his kicking. Little Elvis did his best to avoid the ball during the game.
I told the coach he wears a 5. So we got a youth small. We probably should have gotten a youth extra small. He was sagging at one point and I had to run on the field to pull his shorts so the other fans didn't have to see his transformers undies.

They play 3 on 3. Here he is with his coach and two other players. Oh, sweet Little Elvis. We spent most of the game yelling, "Little Elvis! Little Elvis listen to your coach!!" "Little Elvis follow the ball! Keep your eye on the ball! Follow the ball! Kick the ball!"

When they switched out players, I tried to get him to watch how they followed the ball and kicked it. His response? "No way!"

I remember playing soccer when I was about 6. We played more people then, and I was a defender. I remember standing in my spot for most of the game, pulling my pigtails, picking flowers, and doing anything but watching the ball. Can't fault my 4-year-old for his lack of interest in the ball.

He loves running around the other players, though. And he loves playing with them between actual plays. So, he's having fun. And I'm so, so glad the coach doesn't get upset with our little space cadet.

Oh, one of the players on his team is also in his class at school. Little Elvis won't tell me anything about school, but that little boy does tell his mother things. She asked if Little Elvis' daddy was a weatherman. Apparently, Little Elvis gives his class a weather report everyday. I told her that he doesn't talk to his daddy about the weather, so the predictions are the work of a 4-year-old. Bob was thrilled and thought it was so funny. It's so something our little boy would do.

Baby Plum and I went to visit him at school today. His teacher was much more welcoming this time, and Little Elvis loved showing his baby brother off to his buddies. For the first time, the boys were way more interested in Baby Plum than the girls. Both boys played, although Baby Plum got overwhelmed a few times.

Little Elvis played with several different little boys, and seemed to get along with them very well. Not once did he get into anyone's face (except for his brother's) and they seemed to enjoy playing with him. I am so proud of him.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost 2!

Baby Plum is almost 2! He's so, so big. And it's just now kind of dawning on me that he's almost 2. Which is weird, because every day Little Elvis asks if Baby Plum is still a baby, and if not, what is he?

We tell him that Baby Plum is our baby and always will be, just like Little Elvis.

But, really, he's not a baby. He's a toddler I guess. And he's very into everything. I mean everything.
Wow, is he a cutie, though. He's got the best laugh. Seriously, it's a great laugh. He had speech therapy this morning, and although he won't talk, he does laugh the entire time. His laugh is loud and beckoning, and a graduate assistant came by just to see who had such a great laugh. He laughs with wild abandon, just throws himself into it.
Here's the winning photo for the birthday card. Since it's football theme, we wanted to write that he was "going for 2."

I think he'll have a blast at his party, and we can't wait to see what he'll do with the candles. Baby Plum loves to blow on things that are hot, warm, lukewarm, tepid, cold. He blows off his food, and sometimes blows on the oven when I'm cooking. We think he'll love the candles, which will upset his brother. Little Elvis wants to help his brother blow out the candles.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Curse of the camera forgetter, part 34

I keep on forgetting the cameras, and while my cell phone can take pictures, I have to buy some sort of cable to get it onto the computer.

This means that I have no photographic evidence of Little Elvis' first two soccer practices.

Here he is cheesing it up in his Buzz Lightyear costume. He'll go for a period of about a month without wearing it, and then want to wear it for a week straight.

Back to soccer.

He's in the under 5 division. There are 6 players on his team, and they play 3 at a time.

The coach warned me before the first practice to not take it seriously. I didn't need to be warned. But, I wish he had said, "Bring your camcorder, or at least your camera."

My dad coached high school soccer for most of my life. He's won 4 state championships. Bob couldn't make it to these practices, but my dad has been able to go. We've enjoyed laughing, because it's very funny.

The first practice was fun, but not super memorable. One of the players is in Little Elvis' class at school. He was thrilled and ran around and around.

Last night's practice was also a scrimmage. I was crying at one point, because I was laughing so hard!

Little Elvis can hustle. He runs all over that field. He doesn't really follow the ball, and usually runs in the opposite direction. During one play, the ball went one way, most of the other players followed, and Little Elvis ran straight for the net on the opposite side and tied himself up in it.

There's one player on the team who knows what he's doing. He's got a good kick and seems to have an understanding of the game. During one important play, Little Elvis grabbed that little boy and they both went to the wrong end of the field to watch an airplane. That left one lonely player on our team versus three on the other team. They scored.

The first game is next week. Bob will be able to go, and hopefully one of us will remember the camera or camcorder.

And the coach? He's great. He's very patient with his little team of not-so-attentive ballplayers. I would think many would get frustrated at their antics, but he just laughs it off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday preps

Baby Plum will turn 2 in about 2 weeks. We're kind of "prepping" for the party. By that, I mean I'm taking pictures for his invitations.

We're not having a farm party, but this was definitely the best of my picture attempts. He looks so sweet in his little overalls.
We're having a football party. Little Elvis had one and I have all the stuff still. I asked Baby Plum if he was fine having a football party, and he said, "Apm." (That's his version of yes.)

This was not the winning picture, but I thought it was sweet. Plus, although the thumb is pretty much always in the mouth, I don't have many pictures of it. His teeth are pulled out because of the thumb, he's sucked a sore on the area between his thumb and pointer, and he's pulling off his little thumbnail. I know the doctor said not to worry, but I'm thinking that we may need to start trying to wean him off the thumb. We'll wait until after his birthday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hands off the baby!

Camera's out of juice. It's been out for a while. It is charging right now, though.

Last week was busy. It was one of the rare weeks where Baby Plum and I had something going almost every morning.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting at my church and he went to the Mother's Day Out program. He likes our church and seems to really like the nursery lady. He was happy, sweet and got rave reviews.

Thursday was a different story. I went to a different meeting at my parents' church. He's been there before. He's stayed with those ladies before (although never too happily,) and he was not having it this time. He bawled, and clung to my shirt before we even got through the door.

When I got back more than 2 hours later, he was crying. The ladies said he didn't cry the entire time, but when other mothers showed up before I did, he started crying.

This poor little baby who spends his entire day stuck with boring, tired, old mommy is convinced that she will abandon him given half a chance. I wish I could somehow communicate to him that he's going to have a hard time getting rid of me.

My dad watched the boys while I went to Open House at Little Elvis' school later that afternoon. Yes, kids are not invited to the Open Houses around here. So frustrating, although I guess I understand it.

Little Elvis was thrilled to hang with Coachpa, but Baby Plum went nuts when he realized that I was abandoning him for a second time that day.

He had fun once I left.

I thought we had gotten over this whole going nuts when mommy leaves a room, but he's regressed a good bit recently. I blame a big portion of this on the little (10-year-old) girl that picked him up at church last week and tried to carry him away from us. He was bawling and she didn't have the sense to put him down. Craziest thing? She's got younger siblings who can't even go into Sunday School, because they cry so much when their parents leave.

She's done this before. Next time I'm going to have to say something about how he doesn't like to be picked up by strangers.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Little Elvis, outdoorsman

Little Elvis spent the holiday weekend with my parents at their cabin. He informed us several times that we were not invited. (We=Mommy, Daddy and Baby Plum.)

We showed up on Saturday afternoon anyway. He wasn't all that impressed, until Daddy took him swimming. He also enjoyed playing in the sprinkler with Baby Plum.

Once those events were done, he quickly told us to leave. He was not happy that we stayed for (a very early) supper before leaving. He kept telling us that it was time to go.

I didn't realize we were such wet blankets.

On Sunday afternoon Little Elvis called to make sure I had "everything under control." He was pleased when I informed him that I did.

We missed him, but I'm glad he had a good time.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Brusha, brusha, brusha!

I'm not sure why, but Baby Plum loves toothbrushes. We keep ours out of his reach, but he can access his and his brother's toothbrushes.

He brought them out to the living room yesterday and was so proud of himself! He thinks he's being naughty.

I snapped a picture, put up the camera, then forgot about the toothbrushes. I found them right before we headed out on some errands.

Silly, yet very helpful, little boy.