Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Plum - Big 2-year-old

Baby Plum is officially a 2-year-old. This was taken right before his birthday, and I haven't downloaded the birthday video yet.

He had a big time at his birthday party. Little Elvis asked before the party began if he could blow out the candles and open the presents, and Baby Plum said, "Apm."

They both loved all the toys and played well with the other kids. It was a small family party.

What to say about sweet, sweet Baby Plum. He's a mostly happy little boy, although the two's are starting to make an appearance. He's a squealer, and the much louder of our two boys.

Baby Plum has a funny sense of humor, and seems to understand so much. He likes to watch Mickey Mouse when we get home from dropping Little Elvis off at school. Mickey asks questions, and Baby Plum always answers, "Apm."

It makes sense, because he is the most helpful little boy. He puts his dishes in the sink, and sometimes dishes he pulls out of the drawers he can reach. He throws trash away. He turns off the TV. He brings us things we ask for. He shares with his brother. He tries to open the stove and the fridge (thankfully he can't yet.)

He's not as big a hugger or kisser as Little Elvis was, though he is much more clingy. He hugs when he feels threatened by suspicious adults. He's been trying to figure out kissing. He's moved from nose sucks to open and closed mouth kisses. For a short while, he would kiss my mouth, nose and both eyes.

Yesterday after I changed his diaper, he grabbed my face and I thought he was trying to kiss me. Instead he tried to blow a raspberry on my mouth. I blow raspberries just about everytime I change his diaper, so it makes sense. My lips aren't Angelina Jolie size, so he didn't get too much of a sound.

And he loves music. We got him a little mini-drum machine thing for his birthday. It plays some standard beats and he's already worn out one set of batteries. My parents got him a keyboard with built in sounds, and he also plays it a lot. He doesn't play the drums or the piano, though. He just likes to play the pre-programmed beats and songs.

My mom also got him a little blue elephant doll that sings ABCs and 123s. There was one at nursery that he loved, and we found one like it at the last baby sale. He loved that thing for 2 days straight and it went everywhere. It's so cute when he hugs it. He's replaced it with the drum machine, but I think he'll go back to loving it soon.

He is the sweetest boy and we all love him so much.


Blogger mpotter said...

ummmm. WOW. 2!?!?

happy birthday!
sounds quite sweet.
and you cracked me up w/ your "jolie comment"

awesome that he's so helpful. that will come in handy in a few months!

7:35 PM  

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