Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday preps

Baby Plum will turn 2 in about 2 weeks. We're kind of "prepping" for the party. By that, I mean I'm taking pictures for his invitations.

We're not having a farm party, but this was definitely the best of my picture attempts. He looks so sweet in his little overalls.
We're having a football party. Little Elvis had one and I have all the stuff still. I asked Baby Plum if he was fine having a football party, and he said, "Apm." (That's his version of yes.)

This was not the winning picture, but I thought it was sweet. Plus, although the thumb is pretty much always in the mouth, I don't have many pictures of it. His teeth are pulled out because of the thumb, he's sucked a sore on the area between his thumb and pointer, and he's pulling off his little thumbnail. I know the doctor said not to worry, but I'm thinking that we may need to start trying to wean him off the thumb. We'll wait until after his birthday.