Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer star!

Little Elvis had his first real soccer game on Tuesday night.
Here he is pretending to kick a soccer ball in his uniform. That's about the extent of his kicking. Little Elvis did his best to avoid the ball during the game.
I told the coach he wears a 5. So we got a youth small. We probably should have gotten a youth extra small. He was sagging at one point and I had to run on the field to pull his shorts so the other fans didn't have to see his transformers undies.

They play 3 on 3. Here he is with his coach and two other players. Oh, sweet Little Elvis. We spent most of the game yelling, "Little Elvis! Little Elvis listen to your coach!!" "Little Elvis follow the ball! Keep your eye on the ball! Follow the ball! Kick the ball!"

When they switched out players, I tried to get him to watch how they followed the ball and kicked it. His response? "No way!"

I remember playing soccer when I was about 6. We played more people then, and I was a defender. I remember standing in my spot for most of the game, pulling my pigtails, picking flowers, and doing anything but watching the ball. Can't fault my 4-year-old for his lack of interest in the ball.

He loves running around the other players, though. And he loves playing with them between actual plays. So, he's having fun. And I'm so, so glad the coach doesn't get upset with our little space cadet.

Oh, one of the players on his team is also in his class at school. Little Elvis won't tell me anything about school, but that little boy does tell his mother things. She asked if Little Elvis' daddy was a weatherman. Apparently, Little Elvis gives his class a weather report everyday. I told her that he doesn't talk to his daddy about the weather, so the predictions are the work of a 4-year-old. Bob was thrilled and thought it was so funny. It's so something our little boy would do.

Baby Plum and I went to visit him at school today. His teacher was much more welcoming this time, and Little Elvis loved showing his baby brother off to his buddies. For the first time, the boys were way more interested in Baby Plum than the girls. Both boys played, although Baby Plum got overwhelmed a few times.

Little Elvis played with several different little boys, and seemed to get along with them very well. Not once did he get into anyone's face (except for his brother's) and they seemed to enjoy playing with him. I am so proud of him.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

He looks so grown up in his uniform, even if it is a tad big.

And I love the story about the weather forecast. It made me smile: that's awesome.

3:44 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

seems he's got some growin' to do (:

that's awesome you found a soccer team that's not so rigid!
i'm pretty sure if we signed up littlebean, she would just stand in the corner and watch.
she would never be aggressive enough to even run after the ball with the others!

2:36 PM  
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