Friday, October 28, 2011

Like brothers, like Transformers

It was unintentional, but Little Elvis' 2 transformers happen to be brothers. They don't look all that much alike, but they are Transformer twins (and the orange is impossible to make back into a car!)

Last night we ate out with my parents and grandmother. The boys were wild, as usual. I'm not sure what they were doing that was so different, but my grandmother made the comment that they were about as opposite as you could get.

This is something Bob and I talk about, although we think they do have some things in common.

Baby Plum isn't as outgoing as Little Elvis, especially around adults. But Baby Plum is more physical -- he loves to wrestle.

They both love music now, although when Little Elvis was 2, he was not a fan.

They also both love cars, but Baby Plum plays with them in a completely different way from his brother. Little Elvis parked and arranged his cars. Baby Plum rolls them all over the house making a vrrroom noise.

Possibly the biggest difference between them as 2-year-olds? Nap and bedtime. It was always a battle with Little Elvis, but with Baby Plum it's not. Sometimes he fights it, but for the most part, he is more than happy to take naps and go to bed. He can admit when he's tired.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Elvis, shutterbug

If I leave the camera out, and Little Elvis can reach it, he morphs into a little shutterbug. This new interest started last week, and I'm so thankful we don't have a film camera.

Here's a shot of our new "entertainment" center. It holds our TV, so it's an entertainment center, but I think it was built as something else. I think he did a pretty good job framing it.
Here's a close-up of the hutch. He's really into close-ups, although it could be because I had the camera zoomed in...
We also recently bought a new chair for the playroom. He ran back there yelling, "The new chair! I have to get a picture of the new chair!"
My favorite shot of the bunch -- Baby Plum chewing on my watch while gazing at Sprout. That one isn't zoomed in, so I think Little Elvis knows how to use the zoom button. (Also, I keep Baby Plum in sleepers in the winter when we're at home. He can't take his diaper off as easily and his feet stay warm.)

Two years ago we got him a camera for Christmas. It was our biggest present failure. He couldn't really figure it out, and the batteries didn't last. It was a complete mess. I'm thinking we should see if there's a better digital camera option for older kids for this year. Although, this newfound interest could vanish as quickly as it appeared.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Egg Hunt

Ever heard of a Halloween Egg Hunt? We hadn't either, but our local Park and Rec had one this weekend. It was a great chance for the boys to debut their costumes. They went as Agent P and Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. It's a show on Disney, and we all love it. Seriously, Bob and I are huge fans. It's funny. I recommend it.
Little Elvis was Agent P, the secret spy alter ego of mild-mannered Perry the Platypus. See how happy he is? He seemed pleased with his costume for the most part. Until he saw the Transformer costumes at the egg hunt.
Here's his platypus tail. The tails are attached with buttons. We can remove them when it comes time to play in a bouncy house.
Baby Plum was NOT a fan of his Perry the Platypus hat. He screamed and put up a huge stink. Bob wore the hat while carrying Baby Plum during the costume parade. I realize that Baby Plum's pants are way too high. When I measured for the hem, he didn't have clothes on under the costume and he wasn't sucking his thumb.
Little Elvis having fun at the park. He was so happy to play chase with other kids. It helped that the kids kept calling him "Perry." They had a costume contest, and Little Elvis didn't win. He was very upset. The judges were high schoolers who didn't have any clue what Perry the Platypus and Agent P were. They also made some comment that even the homemade costumes were so cute. So, obviously, our homemade costumes weren't even considered. Oh well.

The photographers that were there loved the costumes, though. Little Elvis will be in a special section of the paper on Thursday. Bob and Baby Plum (as a combined Perry the Platypus) will be in a county paper whenever it comes out.

While Baby Plum didn't like his hat, he did show off his cute little duck/platypus walk for us while wearing the bottom half of his costume.

He must have the strongest little legs.

We have a few fun events planned for this week and weekend. Hopefully we'll get to do most of them -- I'm worried that Little Elvis might be getting sick.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheese Puff update - I might be hormonal

I realized it's been a while since I wrote about the pregnancy. All is going well. I'm finally feeling Cheese Puff's kicks and stretches. He's still not quite strong enough for Bob to feel, though. His busiest time is in the early evening, around 7 p.m.

I'm not positive, but I think Cheese Puff has it in for my bladder. Sometimes he treats it like a punching bag. On Sunday it seemed like he was pinching it. I don't know that's possible, but man he was hurting me.

My biggest complaint these days, other than being the size of a house, is the heartburn. I'm also getting a little bit of restless legs syndrome at night. It's not nearly as bad as it was with Little Elvis. Comparing the pregnancies, this one is a lot more like Little Elvis'.

The pregnancy might also be making me more sensitive. I'm involved in a couple of clubs that I've been in for a couple of years, and I'm fed up with them. The new president of one makes decisions, asks for input, and then completely disregards the input. She's rude about it IMHO (in my hormonal opinion) and I'm beyond frustrated with her. She doesn't think about the other people in the club, she just does what she wants. And her buddies go along with her, possibly because she's a little scary. My mom's in this club, and she says she's frustrated as well. But she might just be agreeing with me, because I'm the crazy hormonal one.

In the other club, most of the members have known each other longer and talk all the time when not in the meeting. I don't have relationships with them outside of the club. Whenever I try to do anything, like offer to make snacks for a meeting, I get a yes. And then I get this whole (use a whiny tone,) "Well, such and such said said she wanted to make the snacks, and blah blah blah." It's like it would seriously hurt this woman's feelings because I offered to make snacks. Would it? Really? This has happened several times. I really don't care about making snacks, I just feel like I should offer, because they'd fuss if I didn't. There's also the very real possibility that they don't like my cooking. I typically bring some sort of pumpkin or fruit muffin. I don't bring anything unhealthy. This adds to my whole feeling of not being a part of the group. I would like to not be a part of this group, but I have to be at the church when they are meeting. It would be very obvious -- and passive aggressive -- if I stopped showing up. Maybe things will get better.

There's a very real possibility that this is just hormones. I have no idea if it's not. These things also happened before I was pregnant, but they're only ticking me off now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy baby

Baby Plum is a happy little guy. As long as I don't leave him with strangers that he doesn't like.

He loves the nursery people at our church. He never fusses, and whenever I pick him, I get a great report on how happy and sweet he is.

But, I go to MOPS at another church, and he doesn't like it there. He starts screaming as soon as we get into the parking lot. He bawls and cries and I feel worse and worse. I don't have to go to those meetings. Last week he bawled for 20 minutes while we found the right place to go -- it was like slowly pulling a Band-Aid off. And after I finally left him, he cried for another 30 minutes. I felt very selfish.But yesterday, at our church, he walked right in and started playing. Didn't cling or fuss. He loves it there. I think he just knows it better, because he's in the nursery every Sunday. The nursery worker there gets to see the very happy boy that we see everyday.
He discovered his brother's construction helmet the other day, and loves wearing it. This is very funny, because Baby Plum does not like hats of any sort.
The Frankenstein sings the "Monster Mash" and dances. Baby Plum loves him. Our sweet neighbors buy the boys special treats for every major holiday. They got Frankie last year for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our own little Fire Marshal

Little Elvis isn't just into Transformers (and Buzz, who made a huge comeback this week!) He's also become very, very interested in fires and fire safety.

He's been interested in/concerned about fires for a while. But over the past few weeks, the constant fire questions have morphed just a little bit.

He's now very into smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers. He's scoped out all of the smoke detectors in our house, and my parents' house. He's inspected our fire extinguisher. He pretty much understands why we don't have fire alarms.

We've also inspected the smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinklers at church. He likes to look for any sort of fire emergency signage whereever we go.

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I'm already thinking about Christmas presents. Most of my family presents are secured, with the exception of my parents and grandparents.

I had been looking at a weather radio for my mom's parents when Little Elvis informed me that they needed smoke detectors for Christmas. He actually said that! He was inspecting their ceilings during his last visit and discovered that they didn't have any smoke detectors! (Apparently, they needed batteries and instead of replacing them, they just took them down.)

So, they are getting smoke detectors.

My parents don't have a fire extinguisher, and I have a feeling they will be getting one of those.

Just a warning, if you live near us, Little Elvis will most likely want to go into your house, inspect it for fire safety gear, and then want us to buy you whatever he thinks you are lacking.

Christmas presents for family will be easy this year.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Transformers? Why?

It's been a weird, funny time around our house with Little Elvis. The Buzz obsession is mostly gone, although he did wear his costume on Saturday.

He's replaced Buzz and friends with Transformers. He hasn't seen the movies or the original 80s cartoon. But he's still obsessed. Why? Because all of his buddies in school are. He talks about Deceptacons and bad guys all the time. My favorite character? Octopus Prime. (We know it's Optimus, but we love that he calls it Octopus.)

His newfound crush is more frustrating for me than his other obsessions. He spent the last bits of his money on one of the toys. It said 5+, and I thought a 4 1/2 year-old could handle it. I was wrong (I'm way older than 5 and I can barely do it.) It's been one big source of frustration for us.

He can make it into a robot by himself now, but the car is way too hard for him. It makes him fuss and scream and we usually end up taking it away. The transformer always seems to be in timeout, and he usually is as well. I don't see how he can enjoy a toy that makes him so miserable.

Anyway, I would like to let the folks who decided to make and market Transformers know that I do not like them. Those toys are hard! They fall apart easily, and I'm sure our child isn't the only one who gets frustrated by them.

Santa did get Little Elvis a transformer stocking stuffer, but found one that's an easy level. It doesn't become a car, but it's something I know he can do all by himself. I can't see him getting frustrated with it, except when it doesn't become a car.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture comparison

I know there's a way to do side-by-side pictures, and that anyone with even a small knowledge of photo things could figure it out. Obviously, I am not technically, or photographically minded.

People have been telling us how much Baby Plum now resembles his brother. It's funny, because we think they look less alike now than they used to. I'm fairly certain it's the hair, although as the pictures will show, Little Elvis had a lot less hair when he was two.

Just for fun, I threw some pics of me at that age. Baby Plum's coloring is different, but he's really a little version of me.

Baby Plum rocking the overalls at 2.
Little Elvis showing off his socks at 2.
Pensive Baby Plum at 2.
Thoughtful Little Elvis at 2.
Me at two with my father. The picture's a lot smaller here than the others. Again, a photo thing. Not my area of expertise.

My mom and grandmother have been really noticing similarities between baby me and Baby Plum. He's apparently got a lot of my expressions.

I don't really have many pictures of little Bob, and the ones I do aren't scanned. If Baby Plum is a mini-me, Little Elvis is a Baby Bob. They have the same eyes and expressions. They both even squint the same eye when in the sun.

Wonder who Cheese Puff will look like?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess who dressed him?

Since this was a holiday weekend, Little Elvis went to the cabin with Coachpa. It was kind of last minute, and I called Bob to ask him to pack an overnight bag.

The weather's been confusing me, and I had put up most of his shorts and t-shirts, though some were still on the floor of his closet (waiting to be put up.) I told Bob to get some of those.

He picked out Little Elvis' Sunday shorts (yes, I designate his clothes, at least in my mind they are designated) which are bright blue with little green frogs on them. He picked out a Toy Story 3 army men camo and orange t-shirt to go with them. My dad, who really can't match either, couldn't put Little Elvis in that mess, and left him in the long sleeve shirt he'd been wearing the day before.

And he wore his Sunday shoes with the whole ensemble.

Bob was in the midst of doing something else when I called, and I'm fairly certain he just grabbed and stuffed.

My parents said that Bob wasn't nearly as bad as me, though. Apparently, I let my 4-year-old go to school on Friday morning with his pants on backwards. I'm the only one who makes him dress himself, and he knows which way is right. Usually I catch it when he puts them on backwards, but it wasn't obvious on Friday, and we were in a hurry.

I don't think either of us scarred him with our clothes calls.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Enjoying presents

Baby Plum (and Little Elvis in a way) really cleaned up at his birthday party. He got all sorts of fun things. Here are pictures of him enjoying some of them.
He got some cute new books.
A very sturdy garage with cute cars. I bought Little Elvis one for Christmas last year that broke immediately. This is one is so much better. And Little Elvis doesn't like sharing it. Baby Plum doesn't mind watching.
He got an Elmo cell phone, which he loves. He chatters on it a lot.

And he got some super cute Elmo pjs. He had to wear them to his speech therapy session on the Monday after his birthday. We bought him some little Elmo socks to go with them, and he loves them, too. It's so funny. He loves Elmo clothes, toys and books, but has no interest in Sesame Street.

Beside him was the biggest hit of the party. It's a remote control dump truck that plays music. Little Elvis likes to drive it around, Baby Plum just likes to play the song.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Daddy's biggest fan

On Baby Plum's actual birthday we went to a church-wide picnic. The weather was beautiful, and both boys had fun playing at a playground before the eating commenced.

At one point in their play, Bob disappeared to play with the string band. He started playing with them last year, and really enjoys it.

Little Elvis didn't notice, but Baby Plum did. While Little Elvis played with a friend, Baby Plum and I went off to look for Daddy.

This is what happened when we found him:

He stood right by his Daddy's side while Daddy played the banjo.
This never would have happened with Little Elvis who was so sensitive to noise and music at this age. But Baby Plum loves music and noise of all sorts -- the louder the better. Mostly, he just loves his Daddy.

After we all finished eating, Bob played a little more with the band, and Baby Plum sat in a folding chair by the band.

Baby Plum is so much like me -- not just in looks, but in personality as well (except for the deep love of music, he gets that from Daddy.) It makes perfect sense to me that he would love his Daddy so much.

Monday, October 03, 2011


My mom took the boys and me to a corn maze this weekend. It was really cool and the boys had a good time.
Bob had a previous engagement, and couldn't go. Mazes are much more his area of expertise. He asked how we did, and I told him that my decision to let the 2-year-old lead us through the maze might not have been the best, but we still found about half the clues.
Neither boy wanted to pose with the pumpkin.
But they did a good job with the farm faces.
After a busy morning trekking through the corn maze, we went to a Red Robin and the boys had a good time "playing" in the arcade. I love how at this age they are content to steer the wheel without me putting any money in the machine.

We had a great time Gram, thanks!