Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Daddy's biggest fan

On Baby Plum's actual birthday we went to a church-wide picnic. The weather was beautiful, and both boys had fun playing at a playground before the eating commenced.

At one point in their play, Bob disappeared to play with the string band. He started playing with them last year, and really enjoys it.

Little Elvis didn't notice, but Baby Plum did. While Little Elvis played with a friend, Baby Plum and I went off to look for Daddy.

This is what happened when we found him:

He stood right by his Daddy's side while Daddy played the banjo.
This never would have happened with Little Elvis who was so sensitive to noise and music at this age. But Baby Plum loves music and noise of all sorts -- the louder the better. Mostly, he just loves his Daddy.

After we all finished eating, Bob played a little more with the band, and Baby Plum sat in a folding chair by the band.

Baby Plum is so much like me -- not just in looks, but in personality as well (except for the deep love of music, he gets that from Daddy.) It makes perfect sense to me that he would love his Daddy so much.


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