Thursday, October 06, 2011

Enjoying presents

Baby Plum (and Little Elvis in a way) really cleaned up at his birthday party. He got all sorts of fun things. Here are pictures of him enjoying some of them.
He got some cute new books.
A very sturdy garage with cute cars. I bought Little Elvis one for Christmas last year that broke immediately. This is one is so much better. And Little Elvis doesn't like sharing it. Baby Plum doesn't mind watching.
He got an Elmo cell phone, which he loves. He chatters on it a lot.

And he got some super cute Elmo pjs. He had to wear them to his speech therapy session on the Monday after his birthday. We bought him some little Elmo socks to go with them, and he loves them, too. It's so funny. He loves Elmo clothes, toys and books, but has no interest in Sesame Street.

Beside him was the biggest hit of the party. It's a remote control dump truck that plays music. Little Elvis likes to drive it around, Baby Plum just likes to play the song.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The pajamas look adorable! The dump truck looks like 'loads' of fun as well! (Although I can imagine myself secretly hoping the sound feature breaks.... Hmmm - but maybe not before the new toy enchantment wears off;-))

6:51 PM  

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