Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy baby

Baby Plum is a happy little guy. As long as I don't leave him with strangers that he doesn't like.

He loves the nursery people at our church. He never fusses, and whenever I pick him, I get a great report on how happy and sweet he is.

But, I go to MOPS at another church, and he doesn't like it there. He starts screaming as soon as we get into the parking lot. He bawls and cries and I feel worse and worse. I don't have to go to those meetings. Last week he bawled for 20 minutes while we found the right place to go -- it was like slowly pulling a Band-Aid off. And after I finally left him, he cried for another 30 minutes. I felt very selfish.But yesterday, at our church, he walked right in and started playing. Didn't cling or fuss. He loves it there. I think he just knows it better, because he's in the nursery every Sunday. The nursery worker there gets to see the very happy boy that we see everyday.
He discovered his brother's construction helmet the other day, and loves wearing it. This is very funny, because Baby Plum does not like hats of any sort.
The Frankenstein sings the "Monster Mash" and dances. Baby Plum loves him. Our sweet neighbors buy the boys special treats for every major holiday. They got Frankie last year for Halloween.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I tried, once a upon a time, to attend some MOPS-like meetings with Noah when he was around 2, and I found it really freaking hard. I quit going halfway through because it felt like more agony than benefit. I haven't even tried with Mattias... because lately...well...I'll write it in comments to your next post...

11:53 PM  
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