Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Transformers? Why?

It's been a weird, funny time around our house with Little Elvis. The Buzz obsession is mostly gone, although he did wear his costume on Saturday.

He's replaced Buzz and friends with Transformers. He hasn't seen the movies or the original 80s cartoon. But he's still obsessed. Why? Because all of his buddies in school are. He talks about Deceptacons and bad guys all the time. My favorite character? Octopus Prime. (We know it's Optimus, but we love that he calls it Octopus.)

His newfound crush is more frustrating for me than his other obsessions. He spent the last bits of his money on one of the toys. It said 5+, and I thought a 4 1/2 year-old could handle it. I was wrong (I'm way older than 5 and I can barely do it.) It's been one big source of frustration for us.

He can make it into a robot by himself now, but the car is way too hard for him. It makes him fuss and scream and we usually end up taking it away. The transformer always seems to be in timeout, and he usually is as well. I don't see how he can enjoy a toy that makes him so miserable.

Anyway, I would like to let the folks who decided to make and market Transformers know that I do not like them. Those toys are hard! They fall apart easily, and I'm sure our child isn't the only one who gets frustrated by them.

Santa did get Little Elvis a transformer stocking stuffer, but found one that's an easy level. It doesn't become a car, but it's something I know he can do all by himself. I can't see him getting frustrated with it, except when it doesn't become a car.


Blogger lisa said...

Even though I'm a child of the 80's I don't really like transformers either. Not even as a kid. That's why we skip it and go straight for star wars.

10:46 PM  

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