Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"I picked this out!"

I always said I would let my kids dress however they wanted. I meant if I had girls, because most of the men/boys I knew didn't care anything about clothes.

For the most part, Little Elvis doesn't care. But when he wants to wear his Buzz costume or SuperDog cape out, I let him for the most part (not to school.) Same goes for Baby Plum who loves some Elmo PJs he got for his birthday. He's worn them in public and that's fine with me.

So, when Little Elvis decided to wear his tie with his t-shirt and track pants to Sam's the other day, I let him. So glad I had the camera.
He loves to make this quasi-squinchy face these days. He makes it all the time. Baby Plum just loves getting to sit by his brother in the Sam's cart. This is post haircut, so the curls are still really cute when it's humid.
This was the best smile picture I got. Silly boys. Since the t-shirt was so busy, I don't think the tie was all that noticeable.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another car fan

I love this picture. Baby Plum has become quite the car fan of late. He loves sitting in my seat, pushing buttons, and trying to put on the seat belt.
He's so like his brother with this, except Little Elvis would turn everything on and leave it on. Baby Plum will turn things off as well.
He also stays away from the rearview mirror, which is a good thing. Little Elvis broke the rearview mirror off, along with some of the window -- the guys that sold us the replacement mirror had never heard of that happening! -- on my other car.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The tooth, the whole tooth, and ...

I got the opportunity to chaperone Little Elvis' first real field trip before Thanksgiving. AND I remembered to bring my camera.

We went to the local kids' museum. Here he is dressed as a tooth.
And getting properly brushed.

Thank goodness he got selected to be a tooth. He was very close to a meltdown because he got passed over the first two times. Then, after being a tooth, he was ready to pitch another one because he wasn't selected again. Oh, my sweet little fit pitcher.

He's called by his initials, but some days I threaten to change his name to FP for Fit-Pitcher.

Still, he's normally super-sweet, super-inquisitive and super-cute.

Like today's adventure: Little Elvis took his new pet ladybug to school. He found the ladybug in our house last night and named it "Dodge." That poor creature slept in his bedroom last night, was somehow found this morning, and made the trip to school in a plastic container in the bottom of Little Elvis' bookbag. Apparently, he and his friends played with it at school, and then he brought it back home.

While I worked on supper, the poor ladybug managed to get himself wedged into a limousine. Once rescued, I talked Little Elvis into letting that poor bug rest. I haven't seen Dodge since.

Little Elvis has two cats he could care less about, but tries mightily to play with a defenseless ladybug. Judging by today's antics, the cats are lucky he's not that into them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy birthday Coachpa!

My dad's birthday was several days ago, but I've been really bad about downloading pictures. (I don't remember being this lazy with my other pregnancies...)

Poor Coachpa ended up with a "celebration" fit for Little Elvis. That's because Little Elvis gave us lots of input, and my dad said he was fine with all of Little Elvis' ideas.

First, we made him an octopus cake. Little Elvis was dead set on this. He understood that we didn't live by the sea, and couldn't get a real octopus, and he seemed pleased with my 8-legged Tootsie Roll concoction. Little Elvis wasn't as happy with the "healthy" carrot cake I made, though. (I don't think Coachpa liked it very much, either.)

We also took Coachpa out to eat for his birthday. He said he was fine with Chick-Fil-A, so that's where we went. His present? A fire extinguisher. Little Elvis discovered that they didn't have one last month and insisted that we get Coachpa a fire extinguisher for his birthday.

So, this was more of a celebration fit for Little Elvis, but Coachpa said it was great. I think it was very sweet of him to be ok with a 4-year-old planning his party.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough week

It's been a rough week in our house. Little Elvis and I have been having a really hard time. Maybe I've forgotten (although we're also currently in the 2s with Baby Plum,) but I think the 4s may end up being harder than the 2s and 3s.

So, I'm not writing very much right now. I try to not write when I'm full of complaints.

This picture was funny, though. The other morning as we were getting ready to go to school, Little Elvis ran and stood with his back to the door. Baby Plum had to do it too. And it was so cute, but once I got out the camera, Baby Plum ran to me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Plum and the 2s

The squeals have returned to our house. Baby Plum is once again testing his voice. I'm thinking that if hair metal bands make a come back, he could do very well for himself, what with the beautiful golden curls, cute dance moves and amazingly strong, high-pitched scream.

He mainly does it when he's frustrated with me, and the frustration comes from the fact that "neh" stands for just about everything. If he's not in his high chair, he can go point to what he wants, or get it for himself. But, if he's "trapped" then he just screams at me while I try to guess what he wants. I forced him to say "da" for down yesterday. He wasn't happy with me, but finally did it. Why? Because Daddy was on the phone. He was saying "da" for Daddy.

But the squeals are usually just at night. During the day, he's a very happy little boy.

Still, he's very cute. Here he is pulling stickers off the sticker door.
And putting them in other spots on the door. He likes to redecorate the sticker door.
He's also very helpful. Here, he's helping Daddy pick up leaves.
And he LOVES it when you fake sneeze. Daddy put in the extra "ah.... aH... AH... Choo!" last night, and Baby Plum had a blast. He was even doing the build up to his fake sneezes last night.

And the hair? I trimmed it right after the pics. His little bangs were in his eyes, and even though they were pretty last night (thanks humidity!) the hair in the back was really long and stringy on non-rainy days -- down to his shoulder blades. I didn't even trim an inch, but it looked a lot shorter this morning. Still cute and curly, though.

Baby Plum beat Little Elvis, who was 2 1/2 for his first hair cut. Baby Plum was 2 years, and almost 2 months.

Thanks to my boys' hair, I'm like Eddie Rabbit, I love a rainy night.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I was in a meeting this weekend where one woman told me she missed the "needy stage" with her children. Another woman said she definitely didn't.

At this stage, I'm agreeing with Woman #2. We'd had a rough morning getting out the door to school. We usually have rough mornings. Not only is Baby Plum needy, so is Little Elvis. He can dress himself, but it takes lots of battles to get that done. He can do lots of things by himself, but he chooses instead to fight me on just about all of them.

Our current biggest battle is buckling the seatbelt. He's done it once. It was a battle. Now, we're going in stages. He's gotten to where he pulls out the belt, but he maintains that he absolutely cannot put the belt between the armrest and the seat. Once we're there, he just has to buckle it.

I want this done before Cheese Puff is born. Little Elvis doesn't.

I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on several of our battles. He usually puts his dishes in the sink, will dress himself, will put on his shoes, will brush his teeth, rinse out the brush and sink and turn off the light. We're getting there.

And obviously Baby Plum is needy. But he seems to be trying on lots of fronts. He tries to help me dress and undress him. He lies down for diaper changes. It helps.

But with two super needy kids and a growing belly, I'm tapped out. This is bad news for Slappy. She used to just be a normal cat who preferred Bob to me. Now, she will not leave me alone. She will pet at me until I pet her, and I can't keep her away. It doesn't help that my allergies get worse during pregnancies.

I do love our cat, but wow do I wish she would be more content with me petting her while doing other things, and with the boys petting her. She's just a little too much for me most days.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An offer that's easy to refuse

I've been bad about taking pictures again. Both boys are still cute. Baby Plum is in need of a haircut, and I did a bad job with Little Elvis' last haircut. Maybe that's why I've not been taking pictures?

It could be pure laziness. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or not, but I don't want to do much of anything these days. Yes, I cook and clean (although I really fuss about it.) I'm in a few clubs/groups/organizations. Some frustrate me, another just wears me out. I shouldn't have agreed to do it. The people are nice, but it's lots of work. And it's about to be a lot more. I should be doing "homework" and somehow recruiting people to be in next year's class. But no one I know wants to do all of the work.

And, I have to admit I don't exactly blame them. The people I know have young ones, too. My mother and grandmother have been keeping Baby Plum on meeting days. And Bob is able to keep the boys on the weekend meeting days, and the upcoming evenings that I'll be "teaching." My dad had to pick up Baby Plum from Mother's Day Out the other day, because I was in a meeting. It's a lot more of a commitment than I thought it would be. And it's a commitment for my mom, grandmother, father and Bob.

I'm a little worried that I'll be in trouble, because I haven't recruited anyone and I really have no desire to do it. I'm going to blame the pregnancy, but I think it's just me. Recruiting/sales aren't my thing.

So, anyone want to join my club? It's location specific, time-consuming, and kind of daunting for a person like me.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Family of five

We've always wanted three kids. That's been our plan, and we've been lucky enough that we're about to reach that goal.

But it seems that many others don't agree with having more than two kids, and feel the need to offer me their opinions and sympathy.

Some of the sympathy is because we'll have three boys. Apparently folks with girls must have absolutely no problems as parents. They would have me believe that girls just sit politely and don't run, scream, jump or make odd demands. I don't buy this. I have friends with girls. Girls aren't easier. It's more of a personality thing than a boy/girl thing.

It makes me mad when people apologize to me that I'm having boys. I knew that we would be more likely to have another boy, since we already have two. Although Little Elvis and Baby Plum are very different, we already have an idea of what to expect. And we don't have to buy anything new.

I expected the girl pity, but have been shocked at the comments from people who think three kids are too many. The weirdest thing is that I get these comments when the boys are both behaving themselves.

Last week Bob, Baby Plum and I went to visit my grandfather at his nursing home. Baby Plum was happily dancing to the music playing (they had a bluegrass band there!) One of the nurses asked if he liked Lightning McQueen, since he had on a Cars jacket. I told her that he just liked regular cars, and that the jacket was his older brother's. She said, you have another one? And one on the way? Then clucked, but thankfully didn't ask the "Why?" that I could hear in her tone. I'm sure I would have been polite, but I would have been angry.

A woman at Wal-Mart pitied me for having three boys yesterday. And had the nerve to do so after calling Baby Plum a girl and clucking that he looked like a girl with his curls. He was wearing a hunter green turtleneck with navy blue sweater vest.

Basically, I'm saying that if you know someone who's about to have baby #3 or more, boy #3, girl #3, then say congratulations and move on. Especially if you don't know that person. They might be just like us, very happy that their family is about to expand.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Guess who?

Even though I took this picture, I did a double take when I downloaded. That's Baby Plum lying in Little Elvis' bed, reading one of Little Elvis' current favorite books. I think it's precious, and love that both boys are so into books.
We have a catalog outlet type store here and got Little Elvis this super-cool Bumblebee costume for $1.

The first day he got it, he spent a long time just gazing at himself in the mirror. He's informed us that he will be Bumblebee next year. That will be easy, especially since the costume is a size 7/8. It should fit him better by next year.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


While Little Elvis loves all things smoke detectors these days, Baby Plum loves stickers!

My mom gave him some stickers for Halloween. I gave them to him yesterday morning and said he could put them on the sticker door. Yes, we have a sticker door. It's the playroom door and I'm very optimistic that they will all come off when we tire of stickers.
Instead, he covered the map rug with them.
But he decided that wasn't a good idea when they didn't stick very well.
So, he moved them to the glass on a non-sticker door. This would have been the cutest picture if the cats hadn't started a duel right as I snapped the picture.

Those stickers will come down at some point. I'm not cool enough to let him cover every door in our house with stickers. One will be just fine.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Prepping for Daylight Savings

I helped out with Little Elvis' class party yesterday. While surrounded by buddies, cookies and crafts, he said something about smoke detectors. I told him that one of ours was beeping and that he and Daddy could change the battery that afternoon.

He became so excited! Forget the party, he wanted to change batteries.

He finally gets to really hold a smoke detector!
Daddy shows him how to get the battery out.
We ended up re-batterying the wrong smoke detector, so he got to do it again this morning!

We got my grandparents the requested smoke detectors for Christmas. He's already told them, and was very upset with us for not giving them to them last weekend.

We also got my dad a fire extinguisher for his birthday. He's been prepped, so he knows as well.

I'm thinking if this fascination sticks around, then his birthday cake will be super simple -- a round white frosted cake with chocolate lines drawn on it and maybe a redhot for the light. Baby Plum celebrated Halloween by donning his first pair of big boy undies. He's still not quite sure what all the fuss is about.