Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"I picked this out!"

I always said I would let my kids dress however they wanted. I meant if I had girls, because most of the men/boys I knew didn't care anything about clothes.

For the most part, Little Elvis doesn't care. But when he wants to wear his Buzz costume or SuperDog cape out, I let him for the most part (not to school.) Same goes for Baby Plum who loves some Elmo PJs he got for his birthday. He's worn them in public and that's fine with me.

So, when Little Elvis decided to wear his tie with his t-shirt and track pants to Sam's the other day, I let him. So glad I had the camera.
He loves to make this quasi-squinchy face these days. He makes it all the time. Baby Plum just loves getting to sit by his brother in the Sam's cart. This is post haircut, so the curls are still really cute when it's humid.
This was the best smile picture I got. Silly boys. Since the t-shirt was so busy, I don't think the tie was all that noticeable.