Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough week

It's been a rough week in our house. Little Elvis and I have been having a really hard time. Maybe I've forgotten (although we're also currently in the 2s with Baby Plum,) but I think the 4s may end up being harder than the 2s and 3s.

So, I'm not writing very much right now. I try to not write when I'm full of complaints.

This picture was funny, though. The other morning as we were getting ready to go to school, Little Elvis ran and stood with his back to the door. Baby Plum had to do it too. And it was so cute, but once I got out the camera, Baby Plum ran to me.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm sorry to hear it's been rough - maybe it will get all worked through before the baby is born? It seemed to go that way with Noah before Mattias was born - the rough part was BEFORE the birth, not after. Well, i'll cross my fingers that this is the case.

Cute photo - Little Elvis is - wow - such a boy! - and not so little! ;-)

10:06 AM  

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