Wednesday, November 02, 2011


While Little Elvis loves all things smoke detectors these days, Baby Plum loves stickers!

My mom gave him some stickers for Halloween. I gave them to him yesterday morning and said he could put them on the sticker door. Yes, we have a sticker door. It's the playroom door and I'm very optimistic that they will all come off when we tire of stickers.
Instead, he covered the map rug with them.
But he decided that wasn't a good idea when they didn't stick very well.
So, he moved them to the glass on a non-sticker door. This would have been the cutest picture if the cats hadn't started a duel right as I snapped the picture.

Those stickers will come down at some point. I'm not cool enough to let him cover every door in our house with stickers. One will be just fine.