Monday, November 28, 2011

The tooth, the whole tooth, and ...

I got the opportunity to chaperone Little Elvis' first real field trip before Thanksgiving. AND I remembered to bring my camera.

We went to the local kids' museum. Here he is dressed as a tooth.
And getting properly brushed.

Thank goodness he got selected to be a tooth. He was very close to a meltdown because he got passed over the first two times. Then, after being a tooth, he was ready to pitch another one because he wasn't selected again. Oh, my sweet little fit pitcher.

He's called by his initials, but some days I threaten to change his name to FP for Fit-Pitcher.

Still, he's normally super-sweet, super-inquisitive and super-cute.

Like today's adventure: Little Elvis took his new pet ladybug to school. He found the ladybug in our house last night and named it "Dodge." That poor creature slept in his bedroom last night, was somehow found this morning, and made the trip to school in a plastic container in the bottom of Little Elvis' bookbag. Apparently, he and his friends played with it at school, and then he brought it back home.

While I worked on supper, the poor ladybug managed to get himself wedged into a limousine. Once rescued, I talked Little Elvis into letting that poor bug rest. I haven't seen Dodge since.

Little Elvis has two cats he could care less about, but tries mightily to play with a defenseless ladybug. Judging by today's antics, the cats are lucky he's not that into them.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm giggling about the Ladybug! Wow, that was some persistence and dedication, huh?

10:50 PM  

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