Friday, December 30, 2011

Remembering Christmas

We had a fun Christmas. Both boys got way more than they asked for, and for the most part, behaved pretty well.

Baby Plum showing off the outfit Mommy made him for Christmas. I made Little Elvis a smoke detector pillow that he also loved, but I didn't get a picture of him with it... yet.

Santa brought Baby Plum 300 stickers to put on our sticker door! He also got Baby Plum a very preachy musical recycling truck. We are those annoying green people, and even we think the truck might be a little heavy handed. Baby Plum likes it, though.
Little Elvis trying to get to all of his presents. He got two Transformers from Santa -- Optimus (octopus) Prime and Sentinel Prime. One is a Rescue Bot and is way easier to put together. The Sentinel Prime (the firetruck good guy one) was listed as a level 1. Santa made sure to get a level 1. They should make a level 0.
Little Elvis helped us bake cookies for Santa before Christmas.
He was ok with the cutting out, but really enjoyed eating the raw dough that Mommy slipped him. Daddy is not a fan of letting him eat raw cookie dough since it has egg in it.

Last year, the trampoline we got both boys was a huge hit. They both still love it. This year, we debated, and decided to get them an Xbox Kinect (the one without the controller.) We knew it would be more for Little Elvis right now, but figured Baby Plum would grow into it. We got a dancing game and a sports game to go with it. Little Elvis prefers the adventure game that it came with. I tried out the dancing game, and really liked it -- despite the big belly. Little Elvis had fun goofing off, but didn't really understand it. Bob hasn't really gotten a chance to figure out the sports game, yet.

We wanted to get them something that would be active and require communication with others.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Silly boys

The Christmas holidays are upon us, and they change our schedule dramatically! Not only is Little Elvis out of school, but so are Bob and my dad. So we're busier I guess. And I just feel guilty getting online when Bob's home. Also, something's up with my computer.

The boys love having Daddy home. My bedtime and nap services aren't needed right now, which hurts, though.

Little Elvis got these silly glasses for Halloween. He put them on the bathroom sink the other day and made a funny face. I thought it looked a little like Gonzo from the side.
Baby Plum got into the Christmas spirit last Sunday morning by giving himself a marker makeover, complete with red lips and a green goatee. You can't see it, but he did the most damage on his neck.
He cleaned up well, and I dressed him in Christmas cutest, complete with his Chuck Taylors. I love those little shoes, and we never hit the right size with Little Elvis. So glad Baby Plum gets to wear them. Thankfully, most of our markers are washable.

The boys are both getting wilder and rowdier each day. They seem to really enjoy each other's company, though.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Like Mommy, like boys?

My mom saved just about every one of my dolls and stuffed animals from my childhood, as well as most of my baby clothes. Obviously, it was for naught.

But she sometimes tries to get the boys interested in my old toys. She brought out my Kid Sister (Cindy) and my My Buddy (Mikey, I believe) this past weekend. I loved those dolls. I remember asking Santa for a Kid Sister for Christmas that year and making him very uncomfortable. He said I'd have to ask my parents about that, but they assured him that it was fine, just the name of a doll.

I was so happy that Christmas morning, especially when I saw that my doll had a little brother to play with!

Alas, aside from this picture, neither boy was very interested in the dolls. Little Elvis read their names and pointed out the TM (trademark symbol) on their overalls. I think Baby Plum took off Mikey's hat and shoes.

Too bad I didn't like to play with cars or legos, or something more interesting for boys. At least they seem to enjoy some of my old books.

From what I can gather, Bob spent most of his early childhood destroying his toys. I think he just wanted to figure out how they worked. So we don't have any of his toys. I have a feeling they would appeal to both boys more than my dolls and Carebears.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two more down...

It took a few days, but Baby Plum's bug made it's way to Little Elvis' system early Friday morning. It hit me a couple of hours later.

Bob is a man who can eat anything, and he often brags about having a stomach of steel. I'm thinking he might be right. At least I hope he is.

Poor Little Elvis was super pitiful, and the first stage of it lasted a whole lot longer for him than it did Baby Plum, or me for that matter.

We think both boys should be back to 100% tomorrow. Little Elvis ate supper this evening, and drank plenty of PowerAde and water today. Baby Plum is also back to eating... and eating... and eating... and eating.

Now if Bob can stay healthy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet, sick baby

Baby Plum had his first stomach bug last night. He's a little over 2 years old. We expected him to get one a whole lot earlier, thanks to an older brother in school and that penchant for sucking his thumb.

He woke up sick, and we cleaned him up and brought him out to the playroom with us. He played and smiled, and then got sick. Played, smiled, got sick. We thought it was crazy that he wasn't lethargic. Then, it caught up with him. Poor little guy.

The first stage finally stopped around 2 this morning, and I was able to put him back in his bed.

He had other tummy troubles for most of the day today, but they didn't seem to bother him. He would drink some, but I wasn't able to get him to eat until late this afternoon.

The oddest thing? So far, Little Elvis is fine. I keep asking him how he feels. He'll say fine, and then ask if I'm happy. Silly boy. They are making gingerbreadmen in his class tomorrow, so I hope he stays fine. He's been looking forward to this for at least a week.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Afternoon with Gram

The boys and I went to play with Gram this afternoon.
They had lots of fun. Baby Plum, while very different from his brother, is also a lot like him. Both like to have their pictures taken.
They both also really enjoy playing with Gram's iPad. Little Elvis impresses me with his mad skills. I'm not sure what this game is, but he can arrange little animals on a background. He can make them bigger or smaller, and gets very frustrated if you help him. Baby Plum did a pretty good job just watching. But when he would have to reach out and touch the screen, Little Elvis would growl and huff and move the iPad away. Funny little boy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas card pic and 2 very different boys

We managed to get our Christmas card picture made this weekend.

The boys enjoyed breakfast with Santa, and neither cried or kissed Santa on the mouth. (Last year Little Elvis gave Santa a big smack and Baby Plum bawled at the old, fat man holding him.)

Keeping both boys seated made all the difference. The turnout wasn't very good this year, and that might have helped as well.
After our visit with Santa, we took both boys to the play area. Little Elvis, who can't keep socks or shoes on his feet, kept trying to make friends with the other kids. He went up to all of them saying, "What's your name?" When that didn't work, he'd tell them his name, and point to Baby Plum, saying, "That's my baby brother, Baby Plum."

He managed to find a few willing to play. But they wanted to play more silently. No need for introductions. Many stuck with their siblings. I know Little Elvis will be thrilled when Baby Plum can have conversations with him.

While Little Elvis did his best to make buddies, Baby Plum decided to shove another kid. Baby Plum is our more aggressive child. Where Little Elvis' first inclination is to hug and love --even on kids who hurt him -- Baby Plum will push back. His usual target is Little Elvis. We've never heard or seen him pushing another child, until then.

The weirdest thing was that a little girl had just pushed Baby Plum, and he left her alone. Then the poor little boy showed up, and got the heave ho. I have a theory. I think Baby Plum can already tell who will give in, and who will push back. That little boy wasn't going to do anything. That little girl would have.

When Little Elvis was getting bitten at school, I was told by other parents that it's so much worse to be the parent of the aggressor. I didn't believe them then. But I have a feeling that we'll get to experience both sides of that coin very soon.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A very creative Little Elvis

Little Elvis wrote a story during the Hanging of the Greens service at our church last Sunday night.

It's not his first story, but it's the first where he's dictated with words and drew illustrations as he went along.

He's not focusing on plot yet, but we enjoyed the story. (It also kept him mostly quiet during the service. Baby Plum had to be taken to the nursery.)

We used 2 programs to write and illustrate the story. I left the title page out.

Super America: Illustrated by Little Elvis.

This is a moon that transforms. This is a flower that looks like a square. (Mommy drew the flower, and apparently didn't do a good job.)
This is a stop light. Red means stop. Yellow means slow. Green means go.

(On an interior page that isn't pictured.)

This is a window that blows all day.

These are tornadoes that hurt people. (Daddy's a meteorologist.)

(Another not pictured page. He told me, "Just write the words I say. These are just words.")

Woah! Save all things in the worlds. And beaks can do everything. This is an 'inator' that shoots bad guys.

The End.

In case you're wondering, Super America has taken over for SuperDog. We no longer speak of SuperDog, and I'm sure I will have to make a new cape. Super America will become a movie with a great soundtrack, featuring songs by "The Who," and one original written by Little Elvis about buildings. At this point in time, he wants Columbia Pictures and TriStar to produce his movie.

He's 4.

When it was the SuperDog movie, it was going to be made by 50th Century Fox. For some reason, Little Elvis doesn't like 20th Century Fox. (This is not my doing, although my dad swears that it is.)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Busy boys

I try to keep our schedules pretty open and flexible. We're not usually that super busy family that's always on the go. The boys seem to enjoy the open play time and I like to not be super stressed. (Judging from the other people I know, I am in the minority.)
But the holiday season really books up our calendars. While I love the holidays, I'm already spent.

And I think this week may be just as busy as last week. It's ok when it's just me that's run ragged...

but all of the events are taking their tolls on the boys. Kind of. Baby Plum had a 5 - 10 minute nap on Friday. He slept well that night, but both boys were up 2 hours past their bedtimes on Saturday, and they were up an hour late this evening. Tomorrow night promises to be more of the same, and I fear that I'm setting Little Elvis up for bad days at school.

If Baby Plum is cranky, I know why. But Little Elvis' teachers have 19 other kids to deal with, and don't know that he's been kept out late because his mommy can't say no.