Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas card pic and 2 very different boys

We managed to get our Christmas card picture made this weekend.

The boys enjoyed breakfast with Santa, and neither cried or kissed Santa on the mouth. (Last year Little Elvis gave Santa a big smack and Baby Plum bawled at the old, fat man holding him.)

Keeping both boys seated made all the difference. The turnout wasn't very good this year, and that might have helped as well.
After our visit with Santa, we took both boys to the play area. Little Elvis, who can't keep socks or shoes on his feet, kept trying to make friends with the other kids. He went up to all of them saying, "What's your name?" When that didn't work, he'd tell them his name, and point to Baby Plum, saying, "That's my baby brother, Baby Plum."

He managed to find a few willing to play. But they wanted to play more silently. No need for introductions. Many stuck with their siblings. I know Little Elvis will be thrilled when Baby Plum can have conversations with him.

While Little Elvis did his best to make buddies, Baby Plum decided to shove another kid. Baby Plum is our more aggressive child. Where Little Elvis' first inclination is to hug and love --even on kids who hurt him -- Baby Plum will push back. His usual target is Little Elvis. We've never heard or seen him pushing another child, until then.

The weirdest thing was that a little girl had just pushed Baby Plum, and he left her alone. Then the poor little boy showed up, and got the heave ho. I have a theory. I think Baby Plum can already tell who will give in, and who will push back. That little boy wasn't going to do anything. That little girl would have.

When Little Elvis was getting bitten at school, I was told by other parents that it's so much worse to be the parent of the aggressor. I didn't believe them then. But I have a feeling that we'll get to experience both sides of that coin very soon.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The photo with Santa is great - it looks so intimate and comfortable!

I really like this aspect of parenting that comes with having more than one child. I love being able to experience the same problem from different angles and perspectives - I find it so broadening - not just as a parent, but as a human being. I think I have a secret admiration for parents of large families for precisely this reason.

Nonetheless, I hope you don't have the full biting experience from the other side, because I'm sure it's not fun. (Worse, I don't know; but not fun? I'm sure!)

9:30 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

How interesting to have such different personalities in kids.
you know that exists... family, friends, etc. but cool to see it with your own eyes.

makes you wonder about the future kids--- which "side" wins out.

love the santa story.
still haven't gotten the bean to go with it (tho just a bit ago she decided to write him a letter! baby steps)

ps- i love elvis' hair! so grown up, though!!

1:54 PM  
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