Friday, December 30, 2011

Remembering Christmas

We had a fun Christmas. Both boys got way more than they asked for, and for the most part, behaved pretty well.

Baby Plum showing off the outfit Mommy made him for Christmas. I made Little Elvis a smoke detector pillow that he also loved, but I didn't get a picture of him with it... yet.

Santa brought Baby Plum 300 stickers to put on our sticker door! He also got Baby Plum a very preachy musical recycling truck. We are those annoying green people, and even we think the truck might be a little heavy handed. Baby Plum likes it, though.
Little Elvis trying to get to all of his presents. He got two Transformers from Santa -- Optimus (octopus) Prime and Sentinel Prime. One is a Rescue Bot and is way easier to put together. The Sentinel Prime (the firetruck good guy one) was listed as a level 1. Santa made sure to get a level 1. They should make a level 0.
Little Elvis helped us bake cookies for Santa before Christmas.
He was ok with the cutting out, but really enjoyed eating the raw dough that Mommy slipped him. Daddy is not a fan of letting him eat raw cookie dough since it has egg in it.

Last year, the trampoline we got both boys was a huge hit. They both still love it. This year, we debated, and decided to get them an Xbox Kinect (the one without the controller.) We knew it would be more for Little Elvis right now, but figured Baby Plum would grow into it. We got a dancing game and a sports game to go with it. Little Elvis prefers the adventure game that it came with. I tried out the dancing game, and really liked it -- despite the big belly. Little Elvis had fun goofing off, but didn't really understand it. Bob hasn't really gotten a chance to figure out the sports game, yet.

We wanted to get them something that would be active and require communication with others.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Baby Plum looks super! And you even have the outfit matching the shoes. Awesome!

It was really fun to see these photo of your Christmas!

(Normally, Fritz and I do the same song and dance about the cookie dough. Although, this year, when Mattias literally started shoving cookie dough in his mouth, Fritz sighed and said, "Well, I did that too as a child." SCORE! I mean - until someone gets sick from the raw eggs. Then, I will admit being wrong.)

2:57 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

We have an xbox and little guy has been playing it for a while with a controller. We really only have three games, and two that he plays. He and my husband have been through a star wars game twice and is now on the third, and we play Cars 2 ALOT! In fact that is a great family game.

1:19 PM  

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