Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stay in there

Cheese Puff is due in 24 days. My main goal is still to make it past Valentine's Day. I'm aiming for 15 more days. I think he can make it.

This baby feels so huge! He's cramped. And I'm fairly certain he's not happy about it. He kicks under my ribs, pokes my bladder and who knows what else in there. He really seems not to like it when I bend over, rock Baby Plum, pick up Baby Plum, etc.

Tonight I wanted to get Bob to feel what I think might have been Cheese Puff's knee. I was trying to show him where the knee was (near my rib) and Bob scolded me about pressing too hard. He didn't want to hurt the baby. I told him the baby had no problem hurting me. Kind of kidding. Kind of.

I've been co-leading some workshops as part of a program I signed up for this summer. They end on Valentine's Day. That's my main reason for wanting to make it past that day. My co-leader didn't even bother to read the stuff tonight, and then she left early. Good news? I was able to get the rest of us out on time.

The people in the class are also super nice, and that's good. The final session, on Valentine's Day evening, is a celebration. Bob and the boys get to come along. I'm planning to bring leftover cake from Little Elvis' birthday party (maybe.) Little Elvis is thrilled. Tonight was the first night that he didn't want me to go "teach," but hearing that he'd get to go to a party in 2 weeks sounded like a good idea to him.

That's where we are tonight.

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to make our boys smile

We're still at the stage where simple things make for the happiest little boys. Our grocery store had some chocolate pudding on sale the other day. As a treat for finishing supper, both boys got some that night.

"Ahhh, that hits the spot!" He had to make sure the bowl was licked clean, but forgot to get all of the chocolate off his face.
Even his big brother forgot to lick the evidence from his face. I don't think Little Elvis shared any of his pudding with Buzz. That's pretty big, since Little Elvis doesn't have as much of a sweet tooth anymore, and he prefers vanilla (plain) to chocolate.

FYI, that was not inherited from me. I love sweets and prefer chocolate above all else. Baby Plum's chocolate face? That comes from me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

He still loves Buzz

Little Elvis' 5th birthday is coming up. We've sent out invitations to 6 friends. Normally, we do one friend for each year, but since I don't know most of these kids, I figure some might not show up.

He's excited about his birthday party and has been offering lots of suggestions. People used to ask me what to get him, but they don't anymore. Which, judging by the turn of events this week, is just fine.

His party will be held at the fire station here in town. Up until recently, he was very into smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire exits and the like. But that is waning. He still likes smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and is excited about having a party anywhere buy his home.

He did say he still wanted the tin "FIRE EXTINGUISHER" sign to hang up in his room. (Yay, my grandmother is getting him that.) But he's decided that he doesn't need CAUTION tape anymore. (I'm fine with this, because I had no idea where we were going to hang up a whole spool's worth of caution tape.) Or any other street signs. He's got a couple, and says he might want them for his birthday next year.

Transformers are not even mentioned anymore. That's also fine.

What is mentioned? Toy Story. He's been dressing as Buzz most days. His little costume is almost too small and is definitely super-stained. But Bob says he thinks we shouldn't waste our time looking for a costume in a bigger size.

He told us he wanted Zurg -- that's the bad guy in Toy Story 2. He said he wanted the one that shot balls. That one doesn't exist. Luckily, he saw one in Wal-Mart that he loved. It's not as big, doesn't shoot balls, but he swore that was the one he wanted. It was the last one, and I snuck back to get it. Thankfully, it wasn't huge.

Now, he wants a glow in the dark Buzz. His very beloved Spanish-speaking Buzz doesn't glow in the dark. The one he saw at Wal-Mart doesn't glow in the dark either. It flashes bright green when you press a button. It's $40. Other than the green lights, it's just like his current Buzz. He had to count all of his money when we got home after viewing this new Buzz. He doesn't have enough. I told him he'd get birthday money in a couple of weeks, but that didn't help. In his mind, his birthday is 2 months away, since it's still January. And months are long!

I'm attempting to find a just plain glow in the dark Buzz on ebay. Not much luck yet, but I will hold out hope. I told him that it might be cheaper if I find it online. He was intrigued.

If anyone RSVPs and asks, I think I'll tell them green Army men. He loves those little plastic guys, and we've stepped on and destroyed most of the ones he had. Baby Plum accidentally destroyed Little Elvis' much-loved helicopter last night. I keep telling him that he if he leaves those things out on the floor, in the middle of a doorway, that's what will happen.

The other item he's told me he wants for his birthday? An iPad. I just laughed. He definitely won't be getting that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What about Mommy?

Little Elvis spends as much of his weekend with my parents as possible. Today, he got out of school early for teacher workshops. I took the boys out to eat at Sam's, and then dropped some eggs off for my mother.

I should have known better. Once we got there, Little Elvis refused to leave.

It hurt my feelings, because I was excited about an afternoon alone with him while Baby Plum napped. Little Elvis and I don't get much alone time anymore, and I feel like all I ever do is fuss at him.

This morning, he'd been planning fun stuff for us to do, and he seemed to really love a little book I made him last night.

But once he got to Gram's, he decided he would rather do anything than be forced to spend time with me.

It's the same way once Bob gets home from school. Usually, I'm ok with this. I have to get supper cooked, or some other chore done.

But today, I just wanted to play with him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A future in music?

Sweet Baby Plum is feeling better. Here he is playing my parents' piano. He was singing along with the banging today, which is really cute. He actually picked out a tune on one of our little keyboards the other day.

His love for music continues to grow. He's figured out how to get into our spare guitar closet (Doesn't everyone have one of those? To hold spare guitars, banjos, cases and accordions?) so he can access the soccer ball guitar Bob bought when I was pregnant with Little Elvis. Baby Plum can get the guitar out, and even manages to put the strap around his neck. He can strum, and tries to carry it around while playing.

It's funny how different the boys are. Little Elvis hated music at this point in his life. (He still doesn't like monotonous noises, and has taken the batteries out of several of Baby Plum's toys.)

Little Elvis also has no interest in practicing. If he's not automatically good at something, then he doesn't want to do it. We think Baby Plum will be a practicer. He seems to like monotony.

Most nights, Bob will pick out the same notes on the mandolin, banjo or guitar. I think Baby Plum will be like that. Little Elvis gets the no-like-to-practice gene from me.

Bob is still hoping for a family band. If their personalities continue at this rate, we think Little Elvis will be the lead singer (wow, does he love an audience) and Baby Plum will be the lead guitarist. Cheese Puff is a mover and a shaker. Maybe he'll be the drummer?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Plum isn't napping

Baby Plum isn't napping. He isn't going to nap today. He's spoiled me since the days of forcing Little Elvis to nap. So when Baby Plum does fight naps, I'm thrown.

The good news is that today was the last day of the awful medicine. And his bottom's been looking a lot better, although his bottom is the cause of the missed nap today.

I have a houseful of chores to do anyway, and should just free him from his room, turn off the computer, and get to work.

Bob brought down all of the boys' old baby clothes for Cheese Puff. While they were put up clean, I feel the need to re-wash them and organize them. Our living room really is full of plastic bags full of baby clothes. And I have a feeling we'll be getting even more soon. It's hard to resist cute, little baby clothes.

Time to go free my big baby (Little Elvis calls Baby Plum the biggest baby in the world! and sometimes Scary Baby) and get my lazy self to work.

Since this post has been so random, I've been reading several thought-provoking posts on motherhood, C-sections, and politics. My mind is swimming with crazy thoughts. Maybe Baby Plum and I can discuss them while we work...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Waste of time

Little Elvis wasn't sick. He was full of energy and happiness when I picked him up from school on Wednesday. No fever, no headache, lots of energy.

After more than an hour of being locked in a 4 x 5 waiting room with both boys, I was exhausted. They completely depleted my snack reserves, spilled water everywhere, and fought over the most ridiculous things. Little Elvis still doesn't understand that his brother doesn't feel well, and has no patience with the things he usually takes in stride.

In my defense, I didn't think Little Elvis had strep. But the nurse thought we should come in anyway. The doctor thinks he might have had a virus over the weekend.

Baby Plum is still taking his first prescription. He's got 3 days left. If we switched to a new one, he'd have at least a week of more issues. His little bottom still looks bad, but the mostly dairy diet has slowed him down some. We're doing a combination of diaper creams, and I've come to realize that when he starts walking like a cowboy, I need to corral him and change him.

I'm frustrated that the doctor's office gave Baby Plum such a tough antibiotic for his ear infection. She said it was very early in the infection and didn't look that bad. I wish she'd given him amoxycillin. We had to go to a different doctor for this appointment. Next time, I guess we'll wait until our doctor can see him. Although I now know that he has a strong reaction to this medicine.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When the cure is worse than the problem

There's a chance both boys are sick now.

Baby Plum's reaction to his ear infection medicine is heartbreaking. He currently has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. Granted, I'm just a mom of two, but it's awful. He's in such pain and it literally took both Bob and me several minutes to get him in the shower this morning. The poor baby goes while sleeping and would rather stay in the dirty diaper than have us clean him. He's walking around like a bowlegged little cowboy. I've been stuffing him with dairy, and experimenting with myriad diaper rash ointments. I think I've stumbled upon a winner, and the doctor's office supposedly called in a different prescription. What a mess.

While Baby Plum suffers with his bottom, Little Elvis has been having headaches. He started complaining about his head this weekend, but seemed to rally. Yesterday, when I picked him up, he got into the car crying about his head hurting. He said it had hurt all day, but he didn't tell his teacher.

He woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and a slight fever. We tried to let him sleep in this morning, but the battle to get Baby Plum into the shower woke up Little Elvis.

He had no fever, but didn't want to go to school. Instead, he wanted to stay home and watch TV. School is apparently too long. I took him to school. And he was happy when we pulled up.

I called the doctor's office when it opened. I mentioned that Little Elvis' breath smelled funny, because I was assuming sinus problems. The nurse immediately suspected strep, even though he didn't have a fever this morning. She said it was fine that I took him to school, but he has an appointment this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bouncing boys

Little Elvis has become obsessed with the trampoline. This isn't always a problem. Except that it's January, Mommy is very pregnant and can't jump, and Baby Plum has been sick and doesn't always feel like jumping.

But for decent weather weekends and afternoons when Daddy gets home, Little Elvis gets to have a blast jumping.

I took these pictures last week before Baby Plum's ear infection and possible 2-year-molar cutting blues. Normally, Baby Plum wants to do whatever his brother does.
See that big grin? We love that he wants to do something so active. It's just difficult on cold, rainy winter days. It gets dark at 5 right now. So if he doesn't jump as soon as he gets home, then fits will ensue come supper time. And I'm dreading this afternoon, because it's a yucky, rainy day.

Wonder what Bob would think about getting a mini trampoline for inside the house? That would probably just be an invitation for lots of injuries....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good to know...

This weekend Sam's provided some free health screenings. They offered cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, BMI and something else.

Being pregnant, the BMI and other thing were off limits. But I had my blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol checked. Not such a good idea.

My cholesterol was through the roof and I was so worried! The technician told me it was really high and to talk to my doctor. I have a family history of high cholesterol, so my worrywheel kicked into high gear. After a nice weekend of worry, I read that you shouldn't test your cholesterol when pregnant or nursing.

My doctor confirmed that tidbit of news today.

Just thought I would share -- don't get your cholesterol screened while pregnant!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Typical morning

A typical morning for us, includes me constantly reminding Little Elvis to eat, and trying to keep Baby Plum out of whatever he finds most interesting that morning.
This morning, he decided to explore the drawer in our TV stand. He found a remote control and two old cell phones. How did he reach all the way to the back? By pulling the chair over and tossing the pillow to the floor before climbing on top to dig into the drawer. Once he was through, he closed the drawer and pushed the chair back to the appropriate wall. He forgot the pillow, but I was still impressed.
Little Elvis had to have his picture made as well. He's kind of eating while holding Buzz and admiring Buzz's new utility belt. We made the belt the night before. It's a blue ribbon with a big blue button that I drew Saturn on with a white paint pen. Surprisingly, he loves it. He rarely likes anything that I do, so I'm proud of that little belt.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Why Women Need Fat" - finally, a diet book I can get into

It's book review time again! Over the Christmas holidays, I got the chance to read Why Women Need Fat - How "Healthy" Food Makes Us Gain Excess Weight and the Surprising Solution to Losing It Forever by William D. Lassek, M.D. and Steven J. C. Gaulin, Ph. D.

BlogHer Book Club Reviewer

Normally, I do not choose to read diet books -- I can't even make it through most magazine articles about weight loss. But I found this book really interesting and easy-to-read.

The authors believe that American women are so much bigger today when compared to 40 years ago, because of our super-processed, pre-packaged diet. The convenience foods we buy that are "healthy" might not be.

The authors mainly blame our weight gain, especially around our middles, on the huge amount of omega-6 in our diet. A lot of the omega-6 comes from certain shelf-stable, very processed vegetable oils like corn and soybean. Omega-6 can lead to weight gain in our waistlines.

The increase of omega-6 comes with a decrease in omega-3. Omega 3s not only help our brains, but also can help us maintain a more natural weight. The increase in omega-6 and decrease in omega-3 combined to lead to our bigger waistlines.

According to the book, if we change our diets, our weights should be more like those of Americans 40 years ago, or more like those of European and Japanese women.

How to do that? Cut back on the products with things like corn or soybean oil high on the ingredient list. This includes margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressings and lots of other prepared foods. Instead look for natural products like butter and those made with canola and olive oils.

I have to admit that I really bought into what the authors wrote. We are already working our way there.

One of our biggest problems will be dropping the salad dressings. I had no clue they could be so bad for us! I mentioned the salad dressing issue to two friends who had lived in Europe and both said that people over there made their own salad dressings. Guess I'll have to start doing that.
They also said that food is a lot fresher over there.

The authors mention other issues, like our meat and eggs that come from animals fed a steady corn diet, instead of the more natural diet of grass. These products are also high in omega 6 because of the corn diet.

The best thing about this revelation for Bob? I'm no longer fussing about eating the deer he killed over Thanksgiving. I figure that meat was definitely grass-fed and a lot better for us, and cheaper than grass-fed beef.

Our food budget may have to go up some, but I think the bigger adjustment for us will be changing the way we think about foods.

Any of you have thoughts about this? I've been trying to discuss this book with my extended family members, and they don't really want to talk about it with me.

*This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shower time is mess time

Baby Plum's favorite time of day is my shower time. He gets free run of the house, and enjoys making as big a mess as he can.
I bake healthy muffins for Little Elvis' lunch, and Baby Plum "ate" three during my shower last week. (He also pulled several books off the shelf and toys out of the bins.) See the bigger muffin chunk by the giraffe bag?
Here's a closer look at the big chunk and several smaller crumbs.
There are several books, a cow, a screwdriver and another big chunk of muffin.

Lots of little muffin chunks, a hanger and a ball.

Some more chunks and his shoes, Rex and a tractor.

He does like to help pick up his messes, and LOVES dustbusting all of his crumbs.

Today, he brought me the bags out of the Rice Krispies and Corn Pops cereal boxes. I asked if he made a mess while we walked to the kitchen. He said, "Apm." (Yes in Baby Plum language.)

Surprisingly, the mess wasn't all that bad. There were a few Rice Krispies on the floor along with the box. All of our melanine bowls were laid out on the stove, with a few Corn Pops in each bowl. Whenever he gets a snack of raisins or orange sections, I put them in a bowl. He was obviously serving someone Corn Pops this morning.

I have to remember to put the cereal boxes up before I take a shower from now on, and I don't think my showers are that long. He knows he's only got a few minutes, and knows how to make the most of them.

He is such a funny little boy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Confusing comments

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and every day I hear one of the following comments:

"You are so BIG!"
"You're so small!"

I prefer the small, but I realize this is my third. I was pooching out before I even tested positive. My weight at my last appointment was my heaviest with Little Elvis.

I'm bigger. Tying shoes is difficult, and I've stopped wearing my tennis shoes. Getting on the floor to read to Baby Plum or change a diaper -- not fun. I grunt when I get up. It's almost impossible for either boy to sit in my lap.

Little Elvis, my shutterbug, snapped this picture while I made muffins for a meeting this evening. Usually I try to avoid the camera.

Someone told me yesterday that I wouldn't make it to February 23rd. Then she made some comment about how some women get too big when they're pregnant and should only have one child. She's elderly. I just shrugged.

While I don't appreciate the big comment, one I got this weekend upset me.

A woman from our church saw us at Home Depot this weekend for the kid's building workshop. She said I looked "harried." I wasn't! For once, Little Elvis wasn't fussing over every little thing. Bob was with us. Baby Plum shunned the shopping cart, so I was keeping him out of the paint and away from the hammers. But it wasn't bad. I feel I was calm. I don't remember having to raise my voice or level any threats, though Baby Plum did get his hand in the blue paint.

I just told the woman that I wasn't. I kept my thoughts about how her spiky hair wasn't flattering to myself.

To me, telling me I'm harried when I'm a month and a half away from having boy #3 is much worse than telling me I'm the size of a house and should have just had one child.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dining out with littles

We very rarely (although we have more of late) dine out--meaning at a place other than Sam's or McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A.

But my parents took us out to what turned out to be a very popular "family restaurant" last night. Little Elvis wanted to eat at Wendy's, but said he would settle for a family restaurant. He made up the name of one, but we couldn't find it.

Baby Plum has decided that he doesn't like high chairs or shopping carts. We tried a booster seat. It went alright, although I miss the ease of belting him into a seat.

Here, he discovered a love of lemons. He's sucking the sour goodness out of one here. He did eventually make a face, but it didn't deter him.
Here he's smiling about the tasty lemon. Forget the big bowl of macaroni and cheese! He dined on cherry tomatoes from a salad (we had no clue he loved those!) and lemons... and ketchup.
Little Elvis sat on my parents' side of the booth, but did over to our side for a snuggle and a picture. Poor Little Elvis was stung by a wasp yesterday afternoon. I had no clue they would be out, or able to sting! It's early January! He was pitiful, and his little finger was very swollen. We gave him Benadryl, and it was just starting to make him tired.

It's a lot of work eating out with our boys. I'm glad it was a very noisy restaurant, and our noise wasn't too distracting for others. Our two boys are very, very noisy. And a little wild.

Friday, January 06, 2012

What do you do with extra toys?

Do you get toy duplicates at Christmas? Or just toys that you know your kids won't play with? We have and do. I put these toys away to regift or donate.

I'm not sure if that makes us bad or not. Last year Little Elvis got this huge super cheap transformer wannabe. He didn't even know what they were, so we just socked it away. By that November, he demanded it. He remembered getting it. We opened that thing, against our better judgement, and it broke in less than 2 minutes. Oh the fits that thing caused. And now I've got a broken fake Transformer taking up my hiding space.

This year, Little Elvis got a 5 pack of Hot Wheels. I'm not exaggerating when I say we have more than 100 little cars. While he likes cars still, he's not nearly as into them. So, I put them away. And gave him some of his old cars to take his Thank You picture with.
He was not happy, and would not dictate a thank you for me about these cars. He did not get those cars for Christmas. Just getting him to sign his name to that card was a hassle.

I still don't feel that guilty, though. He didn't need those cars, and they'll be a fine birthday present for someone else. He also got a Power Ranger. He doesn't even know what those are. It's socked away until that becomes the cool thing among his buddies. Then, I'm sure we'll open it.

Do you think that's bad? We have a whole playroom that is overrun with stuff. Seriously overrun. The boys don't know what to do with all of their toys, and only play with about 10 percent of them. I need to go through and cul, but whenever I do that, they automatically miss the removed toys. A big baby sale should be coming to the area in March, and I have big plans to get rid of some of our stuff.
Despite the fact that Baby Plum got tons of toys for Christmas, we bought him this musical Mickey at an after Christmas sale. He loved it for a few days, but now it's going up with the rest of the Christmas decor. I think he'll love rediscovering it next year. Over the past two years, our neighbors have given us musical Christmas decorations, and Baby Plum has adored getting to play with them at Christmas. The fact that it's Mickey and musical, well, there was no doubt he would love it.

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Baby Plum is a huge fan of both his daddy and his brother. For Christmas, he got a rock n roll potato head. He loves this toy, but not because he's a fan of potato heads (he does love to take them apart and scatter the pieces around, though.)

He specifically loves the glasses and guitar part of the toy.

He tries to squeeze his little face into the glasses (they're already bent) and then "strums" the guitar. It's very cute, and it also makes him like his daddy. Daddy wears glasses -- though his aren't cool purple spiky glasses -- and plays the guitar a lot. I think Baby Plum is just trying to be like Daddy when he plays with the glasses and guitar.
Daddy's not the only one Baby Plum emulates. He very seriously does whatever Little Elvis does. Yesterday on the trampoline, whatever Little Elvis did, his shadow tried to do. It was very cute. And I'm so thankful that Little Elvis doesn't mind having a shadow. I think he likes it.

They're both dressed in State gear here. The other day Little Elvis wanted to wear a Toy Story shirt. Baby Plum decided that he had to wear one too. He didn't have one, though. So Little Elvis let his brother borrow one. Baby Plum was so excited to be dressed like his brother. And Little Elvis thought it was funny, and also that it made Baby Plum look like a big boy.

Baby Plum's also started crying whenever my parents take Little Elvis somewhere. Normally, he's too scared to let Daddy or Mommy out of his sight. But now, he's worried about letting his brother out of his sight. They both went with my parents to visit my grandparents last weekend, and did very well. Baby Plum didn't miss us at all.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Reflections on the third pregnancy

We're definitely well into the third trimester now, and this pregnancy has been a good bit different from my first two.

This doctor picked Cheese Puff's birthday -- at least for the moment -- and he's set it for February 23rd. Little Elvis was the emergency C-section, and my doctor for Baby Plum let me pick his birthday. This doctor (I've had a different one for every pregnancy) picked the day. I have decided that the baby will come earlier, and I think the baby will pick February 17th. As long as the baby waits until after Little Elvis' birthday on February 11th, we will be fine. Little Elvis is thrilled for this baby, but I think he will have issues with anyone who messes up his birthday party.

As for the differences -- the biggest was the massive sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy. But I've also developed some vericose veins with this baby. I screamed last night when I realized what the pain I've been feeling actually was. Bob came running and acted like I was being ridiculous. I realize now that he thought something was wrong with the baby, and I was fretting because of a huge bumpy, lumpy, sort of painful vein. But I wasn't happy that he thought it wasn't a big deal. Vericose veins are a huge deal! At least to me.

And I'm frustrated with the ultrasound woman. How hard is it to take a decent picture of my baby? She blames him, and then does this crazy shocking thing to my stomach. It's not his fault. We finally got to see his profile at the last ultrasound, and he's got Baby Plum's profile. She attempted to do the 3D ultrasound, something we've never had before. What do I have pictures of? His bottom and what might be a hand. My mom wasn't able to be there, but I haven't bothered to show her the pictures. I can't make them out, and I was there. (Full disclosure: I've never done her job, and it might be really hard, but why do I want a picture of a butt?) That's also why I'm not putting the ultrasound pics up on the blog.

I'm also a lot more lethargic with this pregnancy. I was tired at the beginning of Little Elvis' pregnancy, but got over it by the second trimester. I'm no longer sick, but I am tired and just feel lazy all of the time.

And my feet have grown with this pregnancy! My ankles were a bit swollen with Little Elvis, but my feet didn't change. My mom doesn't think they'll go back down. I hope they do, because I like my old shoes.

I also learned a very important lesson last month -- when you're 6 months pregnant, don't just decide to cut yourself some bangs. It's been about a month now, and my fringe is finally a respectable length. Surprisingly, I didn't cry when I gave myself super short, lopsided bangs. I just laughed and clipped them back for a few weeks. I think this reaction surprised Bob more than anyone else.

The biggest difference? I'm not constantly eating ice! With both boys I could not stop munching ice and drinking super cold ice water. I know I had to be so annoying.

There are some similarities between the pregnancies. The best? I don't have to shave my legs! Seriously, I didn't have to with the boys either. It's not out of laziness. My body just seems to want to spend it's energies doing other things than growing leg hairs. Fine with me. Tying shoes is difficult, shaving would be a huge pain. I do have to pluck my eyebrows some, which I didn't have to do with Little Elvis, and barely did with Baby Plum.

Sleep is difficult. I wake up several times a night. I somehow manage to wake poor Bob up at least once, although it's really not intentional. I promise! I think it's the oof noise I make trying to crawl over my pregnancy pillow and pushing Wally out of the way so I can get up. Then, when I get back into bed, I have to readjust myself, the pregnancy pillow, the other pillows, the blankets, and make room for Wally, who loves the pregnancy pillow as much as I do.

Cheese Puff's nursery is now painted and ready (although Baby Plum will still be in there for a few more months.) We haven't brought any of the clothes or other baby gear down. The car seat is out, but it's not strapped in yet. We've also picked out a name, although I'm not as excited about it as I was when we first decided on it. This poor little baby. I may just call him Cheese Puff forever.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things

We've pretty much recovered from Christmas. We're sort of back to our usual routine, minus school and plus Daddy. Little Elvis is once again covering our bed with every single pillow and stuffed thing in the house for a "party." Wally enjoyed the fluffy party more than anyone else. Little Elvis also rediscovered our camera, and took several pictures. This was my favorite picture of the "party."
We're also taking pictures for thank yous. Baby Plum's playing the guitar from his rock star potato head. I will write more about this thing later.
Here the boys are posing with their Pillow Pets, and Buzz. When Little Elvis began his whole Transformers obsession this fall, we both figured it had more to do with his buddies than anything else. With just two weeks away from his pals, he's rediscovered Buzz and doesn't even touch the Transformers he insisted he wanted for Christmas. Glad we didn't get the fancy, expensive ones.

Baby Plum just loves everything. He hugs on the stuffed toys he got, and plays the musical/noisy toys constantly. He's also put lots of new stickers on the sticker door.

Baby Plum's favorite thing he got for Christmas? Spending so much time with his daddy and brother. I think he will have the hardest adjustment once school starts back. Little Elvis can't wait for school to start, though. He's been telling me for days that he misses school.