Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Plum isn't napping

Baby Plum isn't napping. He isn't going to nap today. He's spoiled me since the days of forcing Little Elvis to nap. So when Baby Plum does fight naps, I'm thrown.

The good news is that today was the last day of the awful medicine. And his bottom's been looking a lot better, although his bottom is the cause of the missed nap today.

I have a houseful of chores to do anyway, and should just free him from his room, turn off the computer, and get to work.

Bob brought down all of the boys' old baby clothes for Cheese Puff. While they were put up clean, I feel the need to re-wash them and organize them. Our living room really is full of plastic bags full of baby clothes. And I have a feeling we'll be getting even more soon. It's hard to resist cute, little baby clothes.

Time to go free my big baby (Little Elvis calls Baby Plum the biggest baby in the world! and sometimes Scary Baby) and get my lazy self to work.

Since this post has been so random, I've been reading several thought-provoking posts on motherhood, C-sections, and politics. My mind is swimming with crazy thoughts. Maybe Baby Plum and I can discuss them while we work...


Blogger mpotter said...

ohmigoodness! i hope everyone's feeling better these days.

hang in there.

i hope you get to rest in the evenings! you probably need to refuel after reading your latest posts.

good luck!

8:40 PM  

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