Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bouncing boys

Little Elvis has become obsessed with the trampoline. This isn't always a problem. Except that it's January, Mommy is very pregnant and can't jump, and Baby Plum has been sick and doesn't always feel like jumping.

But for decent weather weekends and afternoons when Daddy gets home, Little Elvis gets to have a blast jumping.

I took these pictures last week before Baby Plum's ear infection and possible 2-year-molar cutting blues. Normally, Baby Plum wants to do whatever his brother does.
See that big grin? We love that he wants to do something so active. It's just difficult on cold, rainy winter days. It gets dark at 5 right now. So if he doesn't jump as soon as he gets home, then fits will ensue come supper time. And I'm dreading this afternoon, because it's a yucky, rainy day.

Wonder what Bob would think about getting a mini trampoline for inside the house? That would probably just be an invitation for lots of injuries....


Blogger mpotter said...

i think an inside trampoline sounds like a GREAT idea!
and something that would be fun when you're bouncing new baby around.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The trampoline looks like so much fun! I can understand LE wanting to spend all his time on it.

Hopefully tonight went well - maybe the yucky rainy weather distracted him??

10:38 PM  
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