Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Confusing comments

I'm 33 weeks pregnant, and every day I hear one of the following comments:

"You are so BIG!"
"You're so small!"

I prefer the small, but I realize this is my third. I was pooching out before I even tested positive. My weight at my last appointment was my heaviest with Little Elvis.

I'm bigger. Tying shoes is difficult, and I've stopped wearing my tennis shoes. Getting on the floor to read to Baby Plum or change a diaper -- not fun. I grunt when I get up. It's almost impossible for either boy to sit in my lap.

Little Elvis, my shutterbug, snapped this picture while I made muffins for a meeting this evening. Usually I try to avoid the camera.

Someone told me yesterday that I wouldn't make it to February 23rd. Then she made some comment about how some women get too big when they're pregnant and should only have one child. She's elderly. I just shrugged.

While I don't appreciate the big comment, one I got this weekend upset me.

A woman from our church saw us at Home Depot this weekend for the kid's building workshop. She said I looked "harried." I wasn't! For once, Little Elvis wasn't fussing over every little thing. Bob was with us. Baby Plum shunned the shopping cart, so I was keeping him out of the paint and away from the hammers. But it wasn't bad. I feel I was calm. I don't remember having to raise my voice or level any threats, though Baby Plum did get his hand in the blue paint.

I just told the woman that I wasn't. I kept my thoughts about how her spiky hair wasn't flattering to myself.

To me, telling me I'm harried when I'm a month and a half away from having boy #3 is much worse than telling me I'm the size of a house and should have just had one child.


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