Thursday, January 05, 2012


Baby Plum is a huge fan of both his daddy and his brother. For Christmas, he got a rock n roll potato head. He loves this toy, but not because he's a fan of potato heads (he does love to take them apart and scatter the pieces around, though.)

He specifically loves the glasses and guitar part of the toy.

He tries to squeeze his little face into the glasses (they're already bent) and then "strums" the guitar. It's very cute, and it also makes him like his daddy. Daddy wears glasses -- though his aren't cool purple spiky glasses -- and plays the guitar a lot. I think Baby Plum is just trying to be like Daddy when he plays with the glasses and guitar.
Daddy's not the only one Baby Plum emulates. He very seriously does whatever Little Elvis does. Yesterday on the trampoline, whatever Little Elvis did, his shadow tried to do. It was very cute. And I'm so thankful that Little Elvis doesn't mind having a shadow. I think he likes it.

They're both dressed in State gear here. The other day Little Elvis wanted to wear a Toy Story shirt. Baby Plum decided that he had to wear one too. He didn't have one, though. So Little Elvis let his brother borrow one. Baby Plum was so excited to be dressed like his brother. And Little Elvis thought it was funny, and also that it made Baby Plum look like a big boy.

Baby Plum's also started crying whenever my parents take Little Elvis somewhere. Normally, he's too scared to let Daddy or Mommy out of his sight. But now, he's worried about letting his brother out of his sight. They both went with my parents to visit my grandparents last weekend, and did very well. Baby Plum didn't miss us at all.


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