Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dining out with littles

We very rarely (although we have more of late) dine out--meaning at a place other than Sam's or McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A.

But my parents took us out to what turned out to be a very popular "family restaurant" last night. Little Elvis wanted to eat at Wendy's, but said he would settle for a family restaurant. He made up the name of one, but we couldn't find it.

Baby Plum has decided that he doesn't like high chairs or shopping carts. We tried a booster seat. It went alright, although I miss the ease of belting him into a seat.

Here, he discovered a love of lemons. He's sucking the sour goodness out of one here. He did eventually make a face, but it didn't deter him.
Here he's smiling about the tasty lemon. Forget the big bowl of macaroni and cheese! He dined on cherry tomatoes from a salad (we had no clue he loved those!) and lemons... and ketchup.
Little Elvis sat on my parents' side of the booth, but did over to our side for a snuggle and a picture. Poor Little Elvis was stung by a wasp yesterday afternoon. I had no clue they would be out, or able to sting! It's early January! He was pitiful, and his little finger was very swollen. We gave him Benadryl, and it was just starting to make him tired.

It's a lot of work eating out with our boys. I'm glad it was a very noisy restaurant, and our noise wasn't too distracting for others. Our two boys are very, very noisy. And a little wild.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh no! crazy sting in january! it is a bizarre "winter" we're having.

glad the boys seemed to like the restaurant and you guys were able to get out.

we don't go for dinner too often, either. even though she's quiet, we tend to go to the louder restaurants just so there's more activity for her to watch.

i can't imagine going with two. even tho' j is even-tempered... managing 2 would just be harder. so, um.... enjoy 3 (:

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the boys were having fun and the picture of you and the boys is terrific. FWIW, Bob and David usually were very good in restaurants and usually got lots of compliments from other diners.

2:41 PM  

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