Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things

We've pretty much recovered from Christmas. We're sort of back to our usual routine, minus school and plus Daddy. Little Elvis is once again covering our bed with every single pillow and stuffed thing in the house for a "party." Wally enjoyed the fluffy party more than anyone else. Little Elvis also rediscovered our camera, and took several pictures. This was my favorite picture of the "party."
We're also taking pictures for thank yous. Baby Plum's playing the guitar from his rock star potato head. I will write more about this thing later.
Here the boys are posing with their Pillow Pets, and Buzz. When Little Elvis began his whole Transformers obsession this fall, we both figured it had more to do with his buddies than anything else. With just two weeks away from his pals, he's rediscovered Buzz and doesn't even touch the Transformers he insisted he wanted for Christmas. Glad we didn't get the fancy, expensive ones.

Baby Plum just loves everything. He hugs on the stuffed toys he got, and plays the musical/noisy toys constantly. He's also put lots of new stickers on the sticker door.

Baby Plum's favorite thing he got for Christmas? Spending so much time with his daddy and brother. I think he will have the hardest adjustment once school starts back. Little Elvis can't wait for school to start, though. He's been telling me for days that he misses school.