Friday, January 27, 2012

He still loves Buzz

Little Elvis' 5th birthday is coming up. We've sent out invitations to 6 friends. Normally, we do one friend for each year, but since I don't know most of these kids, I figure some might not show up.

He's excited about his birthday party and has been offering lots of suggestions. People used to ask me what to get him, but they don't anymore. Which, judging by the turn of events this week, is just fine.

His party will be held at the fire station here in town. Up until recently, he was very into smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire exits and the like. But that is waning. He still likes smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and is excited about having a party anywhere buy his home.

He did say he still wanted the tin "FIRE EXTINGUISHER" sign to hang up in his room. (Yay, my grandmother is getting him that.) But he's decided that he doesn't need CAUTION tape anymore. (I'm fine with this, because I had no idea where we were going to hang up a whole spool's worth of caution tape.) Or any other street signs. He's got a couple, and says he might want them for his birthday next year.

Transformers are not even mentioned anymore. That's also fine.

What is mentioned? Toy Story. He's been dressing as Buzz most days. His little costume is almost too small and is definitely super-stained. But Bob says he thinks we shouldn't waste our time looking for a costume in a bigger size.

He told us he wanted Zurg -- that's the bad guy in Toy Story 2. He said he wanted the one that shot balls. That one doesn't exist. Luckily, he saw one in Wal-Mart that he loved. It's not as big, doesn't shoot balls, but he swore that was the one he wanted. It was the last one, and I snuck back to get it. Thankfully, it wasn't huge.

Now, he wants a glow in the dark Buzz. His very beloved Spanish-speaking Buzz doesn't glow in the dark. The one he saw at Wal-Mart doesn't glow in the dark either. It flashes bright green when you press a button. It's $40. Other than the green lights, it's just like his current Buzz. He had to count all of his money when we got home after viewing this new Buzz. He doesn't have enough. I told him he'd get birthday money in a couple of weeks, but that didn't help. In his mind, his birthday is 2 months away, since it's still January. And months are long!

I'm attempting to find a just plain glow in the dark Buzz on ebay. Not much luck yet, but I will hold out hope. I told him that it might be cheaper if I find it online. He was intrigued.

If anyone RSVPs and asks, I think I'll tell them green Army men. He loves those little plastic guys, and we've stepped on and destroyed most of the ones he had. Baby Plum accidentally destroyed Little Elvis' much-loved helicopter last night. I keep telling him that he if he leaves those things out on the floor, in the middle of a doorway, that's what will happen.

The other item he's told me he wants for his birthday? An iPad. I just laughed. He definitely won't be getting that.


Blogger lisa said...

That last request made me laugh! How does he know what it is? Luckly we don't have that problem yet . . . YET! I'm sure it's coming. He has already asked for a car. I just tell him to get a job. Ha! That is a good job with teaching him money. I've tried, but hasn't worked yet. Any tips?

4:04 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So funny! Noah has a way of creating gifts in his own head as well - like, wait a minute, that doesn't exist! - where did you see that, Bud??

But you know, I'm really happy for you that the requests aren't for transformers. Whew!

4:08 PM  

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