Monday, January 02, 2012

Reflections on the third pregnancy

We're definitely well into the third trimester now, and this pregnancy has been a good bit different from my first two.

This doctor picked Cheese Puff's birthday -- at least for the moment -- and he's set it for February 23rd. Little Elvis was the emergency C-section, and my doctor for Baby Plum let me pick his birthday. This doctor (I've had a different one for every pregnancy) picked the day. I have decided that the baby will come earlier, and I think the baby will pick February 17th. As long as the baby waits until after Little Elvis' birthday on February 11th, we will be fine. Little Elvis is thrilled for this baby, but I think he will have issues with anyone who messes up his birthday party.

As for the differences -- the biggest was the massive sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy. But I've also developed some vericose veins with this baby. I screamed last night when I realized what the pain I've been feeling actually was. Bob came running and acted like I was being ridiculous. I realize now that he thought something was wrong with the baby, and I was fretting because of a huge bumpy, lumpy, sort of painful vein. But I wasn't happy that he thought it wasn't a big deal. Vericose veins are a huge deal! At least to me.

And I'm frustrated with the ultrasound woman. How hard is it to take a decent picture of my baby? She blames him, and then does this crazy shocking thing to my stomach. It's not his fault. We finally got to see his profile at the last ultrasound, and he's got Baby Plum's profile. She attempted to do the 3D ultrasound, something we've never had before. What do I have pictures of? His bottom and what might be a hand. My mom wasn't able to be there, but I haven't bothered to show her the pictures. I can't make them out, and I was there. (Full disclosure: I've never done her job, and it might be really hard, but why do I want a picture of a butt?) That's also why I'm not putting the ultrasound pics up on the blog.

I'm also a lot more lethargic with this pregnancy. I was tired at the beginning of Little Elvis' pregnancy, but got over it by the second trimester. I'm no longer sick, but I am tired and just feel lazy all of the time.

And my feet have grown with this pregnancy! My ankles were a bit swollen with Little Elvis, but my feet didn't change. My mom doesn't think they'll go back down. I hope they do, because I like my old shoes.

I also learned a very important lesson last month -- when you're 6 months pregnant, don't just decide to cut yourself some bangs. It's been about a month now, and my fringe is finally a respectable length. Surprisingly, I didn't cry when I gave myself super short, lopsided bangs. I just laughed and clipped them back for a few weeks. I think this reaction surprised Bob more than anyone else.

The biggest difference? I'm not constantly eating ice! With both boys I could not stop munching ice and drinking super cold ice water. I know I had to be so annoying.

There are some similarities between the pregnancies. The best? I don't have to shave my legs! Seriously, I didn't have to with the boys either. It's not out of laziness. My body just seems to want to spend it's energies doing other things than growing leg hairs. Fine with me. Tying shoes is difficult, shaving would be a huge pain. I do have to pluck my eyebrows some, which I didn't have to do with Little Elvis, and barely did with Baby Plum.

Sleep is difficult. I wake up several times a night. I somehow manage to wake poor Bob up at least once, although it's really not intentional. I promise! I think it's the oof noise I make trying to crawl over my pregnancy pillow and pushing Wally out of the way so I can get up. Then, when I get back into bed, I have to readjust myself, the pregnancy pillow, the other pillows, the blankets, and make room for Wally, who loves the pregnancy pillow as much as I do.

Cheese Puff's nursery is now painted and ready (although Baby Plum will still be in there for a few more months.) We haven't brought any of the clothes or other baby gear down. The car seat is out, but it's not strapped in yet. We've also picked out a name, although I'm not as excited about it as I was when we first decided on it. This poor little baby. I may just call him Cheese Puff forever.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Interesting! I love hearing about pregnancies! It's so amazing - and sometimes scary - what our bodies can and do do. I've been wondering (to myself) lately when you are due, so this post is perfect timing!

The ultrasound technician sounds terrible! It did make me giggle and roll my eyes to try to imagine what she was thinking with a butt photo.

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