Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shower time is mess time

Baby Plum's favorite time of day is my shower time. He gets free run of the house, and enjoys making as big a mess as he can.
I bake healthy muffins for Little Elvis' lunch, and Baby Plum "ate" three during my shower last week. (He also pulled several books off the shelf and toys out of the bins.) See the bigger muffin chunk by the giraffe bag?
Here's a closer look at the big chunk and several smaller crumbs.
There are several books, a cow, a screwdriver and another big chunk of muffin.

Lots of little muffin chunks, a hanger and a ball.

Some more chunks and his shoes, Rex and a tractor.

He does like to help pick up his messes, and LOVES dustbusting all of his crumbs.

Today, he brought me the bags out of the Rice Krispies and Corn Pops cereal boxes. I asked if he made a mess while we walked to the kitchen. He said, "Apm." (Yes in Baby Plum language.)

Surprisingly, the mess wasn't all that bad. There were a few Rice Krispies on the floor along with the box. All of our melanine bowls were laid out on the stove, with a few Corn Pops in each bowl. Whenever he gets a snack of raisins or orange sections, I put them in a bowl. He was obviously serving someone Corn Pops this morning.

I have to remember to put the cereal boxes up before I take a shower from now on, and I don't think my showers are that long. He knows he's only got a few minutes, and knows how to make the most of them.

He is such a funny little boy.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

With a trail of crumbs - you can always find him, right? ;-)

Yes, it's kind of unbelievable to me how fast they can go!

11:06 PM  

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