Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stay in there

Cheese Puff is due in 24 days. My main goal is still to make it past Valentine's Day. I'm aiming for 15 more days. I think he can make it.

This baby feels so huge! He's cramped. And I'm fairly certain he's not happy about it. He kicks under my ribs, pokes my bladder and who knows what else in there. He really seems not to like it when I bend over, rock Baby Plum, pick up Baby Plum, etc.

Tonight I wanted to get Bob to feel what I think might have been Cheese Puff's knee. I was trying to show him where the knee was (near my rib) and Bob scolded me about pressing too hard. He didn't want to hurt the baby. I told him the baby had no problem hurting me. Kind of kidding. Kind of.

I've been co-leading some workshops as part of a program I signed up for this summer. They end on Valentine's Day. That's my main reason for wanting to make it past that day. My co-leader didn't even bother to read the stuff tonight, and then she left early. Good news? I was able to get the rest of us out on time.

The people in the class are also super nice, and that's good. The final session, on Valentine's Day evening, is a celebration. Bob and the boys get to come along. I'm planning to bring leftover cake from Little Elvis' birthday party (maybe.) Little Elvis is thrilled. Tonight was the first night that he didn't want me to go "teach," but hearing that he'd get to go to a party in 2 weeks sounded like a good idea to him.

That's where we are tonight.