Friday, January 13, 2012

Typical morning

A typical morning for us, includes me constantly reminding Little Elvis to eat, and trying to keep Baby Plum out of whatever he finds most interesting that morning.
This morning, he decided to explore the drawer in our TV stand. He found a remote control and two old cell phones. How did he reach all the way to the back? By pulling the chair over and tossing the pillow to the floor before climbing on top to dig into the drawer. Once he was through, he closed the drawer and pushed the chair back to the appropriate wall. He forgot the pillow, but I was still impressed.
Little Elvis had to have his picture made as well. He's kind of eating while holding Buzz and admiring Buzz's new utility belt. We made the belt the night before. It's a blue ribbon with a big blue button that I drew Saturn on with a white paint pen. Surprisingly, he loves it. He rarely likes anything that I do, so I'm proud of that little belt.


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