Friday, January 20, 2012

Waste of time

Little Elvis wasn't sick. He was full of energy and happiness when I picked him up from school on Wednesday. No fever, no headache, lots of energy.

After more than an hour of being locked in a 4 x 5 waiting room with both boys, I was exhausted. They completely depleted my snack reserves, spilled water everywhere, and fought over the most ridiculous things. Little Elvis still doesn't understand that his brother doesn't feel well, and has no patience with the things he usually takes in stride.

In my defense, I didn't think Little Elvis had strep. But the nurse thought we should come in anyway. The doctor thinks he might have had a virus over the weekend.

Baby Plum is still taking his first prescription. He's got 3 days left. If we switched to a new one, he'd have at least a week of more issues. His little bottom still looks bad, but the mostly dairy diet has slowed him down some. We're doing a combination of diaper creams, and I've come to realize that when he starts walking like a cowboy, I need to corral him and change him.

I'm frustrated that the doctor's office gave Baby Plum such a tough antibiotic for his ear infection. She said it was very early in the infection and didn't look that bad. I wish she'd given him amoxycillin. We had to go to a different doctor for this appointment. Next time, I guess we'll wait until our doctor can see him. Although I now know that he has a strong reaction to this medicine.


Blogger lisa said...

I always ask for the pink stuff. It's about the only thing I can get him to take. I'm glad LE was't sick, and maybe everthing will be back to normal soon. I thought we had skirted all the sickies, but now someone is sneezing like crazy. Oh well

2:05 PM  
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