Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What about Mommy?

Little Elvis spends as much of his weekend with my parents as possible. Today, he got out of school early for teacher workshops. I took the boys out to eat at Sam's, and then dropped some eggs off for my mother.

I should have known better. Once we got there, Little Elvis refused to leave.

It hurt my feelings, because I was excited about an afternoon alone with him while Baby Plum napped. Little Elvis and I don't get much alone time anymore, and I feel like all I ever do is fuss at him.

This morning, he'd been planning fun stuff for us to do, and he seemed to really love a little book I made him last night.

But once he got to Gram's, he decided he would rather do anything than be forced to spend time with me.

It's the same way once Bob gets home from school. Usually, I'm ok with this. I have to get supper cooked, or some other chore done.

But today, I just wanted to play with him.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm sorry. :(

I had really, really strong urges to play and BE with Noah 24 hours before I went into labor with Mattias. And for the record, Noah was having none of it.

7:05 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

awww that's so sweet!
and, not sweet. sorry.

but it is great that he loves his grandparents so much.

(ps- i so know the feeling. i'm chopped liver around here)

9:29 PM  
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