Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When the cure is worse than the problem

There's a chance both boys are sick now.

Baby Plum's reaction to his ear infection medicine is heartbreaking. He currently has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. Granted, I'm just a mom of two, but it's awful. He's in such pain and it literally took both Bob and me several minutes to get him in the shower this morning. The poor baby goes while sleeping and would rather stay in the dirty diaper than have us clean him. He's walking around like a bowlegged little cowboy. I've been stuffing him with dairy, and experimenting with myriad diaper rash ointments. I think I've stumbled upon a winner, and the doctor's office supposedly called in a different prescription. What a mess.

While Baby Plum suffers with his bottom, Little Elvis has been having headaches. He started complaining about his head this weekend, but seemed to rally. Yesterday, when I picked him up, he got into the car crying about his head hurting. He said it had hurt all day, but he didn't tell his teacher.

He woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and a slight fever. We tried to let him sleep in this morning, but the battle to get Baby Plum into the shower woke up Little Elvis.

He had no fever, but didn't want to go to school. Instead, he wanted to stay home and watch TV. School is apparently too long. I took him to school. And he was happy when we pulled up.

I called the doctor's office when it opened. I mentioned that Little Elvis' breath smelled funny, because I was assuming sinus problems. The nurse immediately suspected strep, even though he didn't have a fever this morning. She said it was fine that I took him to school, but he has an appointment this afternoon.


Blogger lisa said...

Wow! Those are strange symptoms. A headache? I use to get strep EVERY year, and I always remember having a really sore throat. A couple of times I had what the doctors called strawberry tongue, but I don’t ever remember having a headache with it. I was going to ask if you had his eyes checked, because I need glasses and I get headaches from it. And forehead wrinkles apparently. I hope all goes well with the doctor.

2:25 PM  
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