Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The big day!

This year, we had Little Elvis' birthday party at a local fire house. It's a nice service that our town does for free. You just have to call and reserve.

Little Elvis had been so smoke detector and fire extinguisher crazy for weeks, that we thought it was a good option. He was also adamant that he didn't want his party at our house. None of the other parties he goes to are held at homes, so his party shouldn't be at home either. What if he's laughed at? Next year, I plan to go back to having it at our house if at all possible. They were always a hit. But I understand his need to be like others. I don't LIKE it, but I understand it.

Anyway, since the party location was outsourced, it was much easier to plan. I didn't have to clean or plan entertainment. The firemen and their firetrucks did that. Yay! All I had to do was bake a cake, send out invitations and get some balloons. And there was a time limit -- even better.

But before the big party on Saturday, we made cupcakes for his class on Friday. This was a sore spot for Little Elvis. He wanted to give out the cupcakes on his actual birthday, but since that was a Saturday, it couldn't happen.

By the time Friday rolled around, he was ok having the school party on Friday. He was excited about the cupcakes, and Mommy having lunch with him. But he was most excited about Baby Plum coming and then getting to leave before naptime.

Here are the smoke detector cupcakes. I'm not sure anyone who wasn't Little Elvis knew what these were, but he liked them. Bob drew the circles.
Here we are at lunch. Little Elvis is sitting between his two best buddies. Little Elvis' best friend has the same name. I think that was the start of their friendship. It's sweet. They used to play Transformers together, but now it's Power Rangers.

The little boys in the class adore Baby Plum. They won't leave him alone. Whenever we are there, all you hear is, "Plum! Plum! Come here Plum!" And that's just from the boys. Some are a little more aggressive, and they just get moreso with each trip. I love that Little Elvis and his friends love his brother, but I hate when they try to "tickle" Baby Plum's cheeks. This time, Baby Plum clung to me a whole lot more. Poor baby, can't say I blame him.

But the school party went well.

Little Elvis didn't want to sleep on Friday night, and woke up at 4 on Saturday morning ready to open all of his presents. But he went back to sleep fairly easily and waited until 7 to open his presents from us.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to the fire station with our firetruck cake in tow. It was a Family Fun magazine design and it turned out pretty well.
The icing was a whole lot more pink than red, but Little Elvis didn't complain.

One of his buddies LOVED the gumdrops and ate them right off the cake! Four of the six kids invited came to the party and we had the right amount of cake, which was nice. We only took home the piece that Little Elvis didn't eat.

Poor baby, I said to someone that he wasn't a "sweet person," meaning that he really prefers salty snacks to sweet ones. He overheard, and said that he was indeed sweet. I had to try to explain to him that I meant he didn't really like sweets all that much, but that he was indeed a very sweet little boy.
The firemen were a big hit. They dressed up in their fire gear. Showed us around the firehouse, and went down the firepole.
They also let the kids play in the firetruck.
I love this shot of Little Elvis. I have no idea what he's studying, but it's cute.
Here's a shot of most of the guests. See poor Baby Plum? I know he's thinking, "Stop petting me!" But at least his cheeks weren't being "tickled."
We invited 6 little boys this year -- one more than usual. Two were kids of our friends, and the other 4 were from Little Elvis' class. None of the ones in his class RSVP'd, so I was a little worried. But 4 little boys showed up -- our friends' kids and 2 school buddies. And one of our friends brought their daughter as well (whom Little Elvis proposed to last fall.) So, he had five friends at his birthday party, which was just right.

He had a great time, and did a great job at the party. No fits were pitched and he obeyed pretty well. He just had fun running around with his friends. We were so proud of our 5-year-old.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice job on the cupcakes and cake. Very imaginative.
Grandpa Stew

9:40 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Ditto on the cupcakes and cake. They look fantastic!

Sounds like it was a great party - even if it wasn't at home!

10:42 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

man, i want a party there!
i bet it was fun.

and what a great cake. good job.

12:03 AM  

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