Monday, February 13, 2012

He's 5!

Little Elvis turned the big 5 on Saturday. I know I should have written this post earlier, but we had a rough week going into the big day. But then, he was great on Friday and Saturday, which was such a relief.

Baby Plum dragged the spaceship all the way through the house and back to his bedroom the other day. I couldn't get a great shot of both boys at the same time, but I love this one of Little Elvis.

He's getting so big. He doesn't look little anymore, and his hair is pretty much light brown at this point. It might lighten up in the summer, but then Little Elvis is very good about wearing hats, so it might not.

He's a lot like his Daddy. Long legs, pretty slim, big brown eyes and very, very outgoing. (Bob will swear he's not, but trust me, he is.) He's also extremely smart like his Daddy. Little Elvis has been reading for about a year now. We're not sure if it's true reading, or if he's got an astounding number of memorized words in his little head. People will look at me like I had anything to do with it. I didn't. When I try to help him sound things out, he gets frustrated with me. But he does a good job for his teacher. And he loves her so much. He's reading some 1st grade level books, while the rest of the class is mainly pre-K. But his teacher doesn't make a big deal about it, which I love. The other kids probably don't even notice that he's reading more... although, knowing our little attention hound, that might not be true, either.
Bob did a great job getting this "jump" shot. Little Elvis also has a good bit of his Mommy in him. He's been into movie production company's for a while. When I was younger, the production company intro to a movie was one of my favorite parts. Oddly, my favorite, was HBO's from the 80s or early 90s -- the music, the lights. I loved it.

Little Elvis likes Pixar and Disney, obviously. But he also knows about Amblin Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Tri-Star, Universal, Columbia, etc. He'll gladly tell you which production company makes which movie, if he's even only seen a commercial. He's not a fan of 20th Century Fox, and says when he makes a movie, it will be for 50th Century Fox. He also made up the name of his own production company last night, and I've forgotten what he said. (He didn't, trust me.)

And he also loves to watch his favorite movies over and over again, but he'll cover his ears and hide when it gets to uncomfortable scenes. He doesn't like when Doc and Lightning have the confrontation over/discovery of the 3 Piston Cup wins. Doc scolds Lightning, and it makes Little Elvis uncomfortable. I am this way. I can watch "The Office" reruns, but when Michael Scott starts to do something really stupid/zany/bad, then I'll have to go to the bathroom or divert my attention. I'm pretty sure I've never done this in front of Little Elvis, or that I discussed production studios with him before he showed an interest.

He's already developed several movie ideas for Pixar/50th Century Fox. His current screenplay is titled, "Agent Explode!" and it's about a superhero named Super America. Pixar would have to work on this movie, because Super America's sidekicks are the characters from Toy Story. They like to thwart bad guys who try to steal everything from a Mommy, Daddy and Baby.

And then there are his constant jokes and made up words. He's saying cootie now for everything, because we got tired of the constant booty references. He calls everything some sort of cootie, and then asks us if it's funny. Sometimes, he uses so many made up words that I have no clue what I'm supposed to think is funny.

For the most part, Little Elvis also really loves his partner in crime - Baby Plum. I think Little Elvis (our chatterbox) would prefer it if Baby Plum would talk to him more, but they play together very well. They love to destroy our bed while listening to the iPod. Little Elvis chatters constantly, and occasionally asks Baby Plum's opinion. Baby Plum usually says, "Unh-unh." Bob thinks that Little Elvis will be some sort of entertainer and Baby Plum will be the critic. He's proving to be a very tough audience.

Oh, how we love the creative spirit of Little Elvis. The smartness and creativeness are tied in with a huge dose of perfectionism -- which is hard on all of us -- and a bit of a high strung nature. Our lefty doesn't like writing or drawing very much -- they don't come as easily as reading. Some days he will shock us, and color for about 3-5 minutes. Then, he's done for weeks. We've been told we have to work on his fine motor skills, though. So, writing is one of our biggest battles.

We are so, so lucky to have this sweet, friendly, outspoken little guy in our lives.

One more story -- Most people think Baby Plum is a girl. Just like they did with Little Elvis. Baby Plum is usually dressed in blue or green, but he has those pretty blond curls. A woman at Sam's the other day (most of our stories come from Sam's, don't they?) offered the boys some cheese. Well, she offered the boy and girl some cheese. Little Elvis snapped, "He's not a girl, he's a boy!" The woman didn't hear, and I was trying to get away before she did. Little Elvis wouldn't stop, though. He was defending his brother's honor. He just kept on, "He's not a girl! She called him a girl, but he's not!" The woman finally heard, and apologized. She said that Baby Plum was just so pretty that he could be a girl. I was a little embarrassed, (I tried to get him to stop) but understood. I want to say the same thing everytime someone calls my baby boy a girl.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sounds like true reading to me – awesome!

This was so wonderful and fun and a little emotional to read! (I wonder if 5 feels more amazing on someone else's child?)

Thank you for sharing his story for so long. And congratulations! I will forever be in awe of both of you!

(Remember how you blogged everyday for the first 100 days... that was awesome, too!)

4:13 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...


such a neat kid.
and, yes- he is looking old.

happy birthday to little Elvis.
can't wait to see a movie from 50th century fox.

kudos on the reading. that must be FUN.

11:59 PM  

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