Thursday, February 16, 2012


I dressed the boys similarly for church the other Sunday. One of my friends has sons that are older. She gave us some cute dressy clothes that fit Little Elvis very well. And some of them kind of match his old hand-me-downs that Baby Plum rocks.

With the chance to sort of dress them alike, I had to take it. We are always super-rushed on Sundays, so I snapped this picture in the nursery right before Little Elvis and I headed to big church.

Baby Plum's holding his UPS truck. I'm not sure which car Little Elvis is holding, but they had to bring semi-matching toys as well. They are cute like that.

On Valentine's Day, Wal-Mart finally had some boys' sneakers on clearance. Both boys have been in dire need of tennis shoes. Little Elvis has flat worn his out, and Baby Plum has the sweatiest feet, and we've had to throw some away because they got so stinky. He has to go at least a day between wearing shoes, so they have time to dry out. No lie.

I got them matching velcro sneakers, and both were so excited! Me too, because I don't have to tie shoes right now. Poor things usually get hand-me-downs, or bought at the consignment sale shoes, so I understand their excitement. Yay for all of us. Both seemed to really enjoy showing off their new shoes yesterday.


Blogger mpotter said...

they look handsome!
and one of grown up. wow

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