Friday, February 17, 2012

Meeting Elmo

Baby Plum LOVES Elmo. This is funny, since he doesn't watch Sesame Street. I've tried a couple of times, and I've tried just putting on the Elmo segment at the end of the show, but he doesn't care for it.

Still, he loves the furry red monster. We have some Elmo books and he has several Elmo shirts, which he LOVES. (He also loves his Cookie Monster shirt, possibly because he loves one of our Cookie Monster books.)

Anyway, Elmo came to our mall for Valentine's Day, and we took the boys to meet him. When we first found him, I thought they had just put a costume on a bench. But it did move... some.

Baby Plum was thrilled, and ran right up to him. This is unusual behavior for him. He's suspicious of any tall strangers.

Possibly, Elmo's lack of movement helped our shy Baby Plum.
He even hugged the huge Elmo, without encouragement from his brother.
Both were fairly excited, although Baby Plum was much more into Elmo.
He couldn't stop petting him. I guess to make sure he was real.

Times like this make me feel guilty. Little Elvis is SO into Buzz right now, but we aren't going to be heading to Disney World anytime soon. By the time we finally make it, so Little Elvis could meet a lifesize Buzz, he will be over it I'm sure. We get Christmas cards every year showing little boys posing with Buzz, and Little Elvis makes it clear that he wants to go to Disney World and meet Buzz. I told him that I enter every Disney World contest I find. Maybe the mall will invite Buzz to come for St. Paddy's Day. I think I should suggest that to them...


Blogger Ann Wyse said...


Your comment about the costume on the bench made me laugh. Maybe those costumes are really uncomfortable??

We're not headed to DW anytime soon either. I went ONCE when I was a child. I was 12. And STILL at 12, I thought it was magical and wonderful and I cried and started singing 'When you wish upon a star...' when my parents told me we were going, even though I KNEW Sleeping Beauty wasn't real. I guess my point is, there's time! And if you wait long enough, Little Elvis might start singing when you tell him, too.

4:46 PM  
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