Monday, February 06, 2012

The microwave has been discovered

Baby Plum and Little Elvis couldn't be more different. Little Elvis, while he loves to make a mess, doesn't really mess with things in the kitchen. He prefers to strew toys and pillows everywhere.

Baby Plum loves the kitchen. Loves it! My shower time is his happy, fun, raid the kitchen time. It's always something different. One day he took all of the silverware out of the drawer and took it to the playroom. He usually takes the melamine stacking bowls out and lays them in different formations. If I've left a box of cereal in his reach, he'll pour cereal in each bowl.

If I've left the cat gate open, then his real fun begins. The cat's food and litter is also located near our pantry. The cat gate doesn't keep Baby Plum from the cat stuff -- he doesn't care about that. It's the goodies in the pantry that he loves.

Last week, I got out of the shower and the kitchen smelled strongly of honey. I sniffed and searched all over, but couldn't find any sticky surprises. Then, I noticed the microwave blinking. Apparently, Baby Plum took our huge Sam's jug of honey and defrosted it in the microwave. I'm not sure how long he defrosted it, but the bottle is about one-half to one-third it's original size. Somehow, it managed to not melt and spread sticky honey all over the microwave.

I told Baby Plum not to play with the microwave, but it's too strong of a temptation.

Today, I decided to put off my shower until naptime. But I still needed to change out of my pajamas. Baby Plum thought I was taking a shower. I heard the pitter patter of little feet and the beeping of the microwave and ran out telling him NOT to touch the microwave.

So glad I skipped the morning shower, because he had put a box of Jell-o in the microwave for 20 minutes! I stopped it 10 seconds in.

I went ahead and took my shower this evening. I'll just have to grow out the bangs I guess.

The thing is, that although Baby Plum enjoys making huge messes in my absence, he's also more than willing to help me pick up the mess.

No pictures. I should have documented these messes, but it's kind of getting old at this point. A video would be much better, I think.