Sunday, February 19, 2012

Raise the roof

So, I realize that I am biased. But Little Elvis and Baby Plum are both so adorable. Seriously, they are.

This post will be about Baby Plum, and some of his truly adorable antics of late.

He's starting to talk a little more. He does lots of really cute animal impressions -- his roar for lions, tigers and bears is so cute, and I've taught him to rub his finger over his mouth to do the fish sound.

He says on, off, up, down, open (kind of), close, thank you (kind of), mama and dada, love, night night, ba ba for banana, and dat. He sometimes says Elmo. The thing about sweet Baby Plum is that he'd much rather show you what he wants than tell you.

He has two other new favorite words that he's been using a lot lately. "Yay!" and "Whee!" If I tell him we're going to Gram's, he'll say "Yay!" and sometimes he'll follow that up by raising the roof. Here he is raising the roof. We didn't catch them up in the air here, but he usually has his hands over his head.

He says "Whee!" whenever he's doing anything fun. Today, he climbed over the arm of the couch in an attempt to get Slappy. As he stumbled onto the couch, he yelled, "Whee!!!"

Baby Plum LOVES dancing to music. I've taught him the few dances I "know." He can roll, spin, chicken dance, raise the roof and air guitar. He will clap to the beat and try any dance move that you show him. He loves it so much!

We brought the iPod to Little Elvis' birthday party and had the boys' playlist going for most of the party. Baby Plum was so enthralled. It was the closest he'd ever been to the iPod, and he had the best time -- he almost broke the speaker thing, because he just had to touch it.

His favorite songs are "The Chicken Dance," "The Hand Jive," and "Intergalactic."

Baby Plum also adores ketchup! I'm fairly certain Little Elvis has never tried the red stuff -- he preferred mustard as a toddler. But Baby Plum could eat ketchup with a spoon. He thinks of fries as more of a utensil to eat ketchup than as the best food ever.

Speaking of utensils, Baby Plum loves them! He loves to pull out bowls and spoons or forks to eat anything. Orange slices? He tries spoons. Goldfish? Maybe a fork. He even pulls out the butter knives. This is odd for us, because we have to make Little Elvis use utensils.

Baby Plum also loves to help out around the house. He enjoys helping me with chores, and if Bob has pulled out any tools, then Baby Plum tries to get his sweet little hands on them and help. If we won't let him have the real hammer, he'll run and find his toy hammer to bang on the wall.


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