Thursday, March 29, 2012

School day around home

We still don't have a great schedule for what we do at home while school is in session for Bob and Little Elvis. Baby Plum's watching way too much TV now. But I'm doing a better job at entertaining him some.
Here I tried to take a picture of Cheese Puff. He's awake, I just have no idea how to use the flash... will have to get a lesson from Little Elvis.
Baby Plum is modeling his rain coat and Mickey shirt. It was raining, which is why it was so dark in the morning. Little Elvis had to wear a raincoat to school, so Baby Plum needed one as well, even though he was in no danger of getting sick.
It was sunny the next day! We played in the car. This is Baby Plum's favorite activity. He gets to play in the front seat while I get Cheese Puff and our gear loaded.
While similar to Little Elvis, he's also very different. Little Elvis never cared about buckling himself in. Baby Plum loves to do this. He also turns off anything he turns on. Little Elvis didn't do this and we had to buy new batteries for both cars while living in Virginia.

Yay for the car! It gives us some fun during baby naptime.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I loaded the pictures off of my camera the other day, and was shocked that there were 53! Had it been that long since I last uploaded?

No. I forgot that little Elvis has become enamored with the camera again. He took about 20 pics of Cheese Puff after we got home from school one day. This one was kind of in the middle. I like that Cheese Puff is doing the Elvis snarl, while trying to wave off the paparazzo. Little Elvis even played with the flash! I can't figure it out. Good to know our 5-year-old can.

He's moved on to other models now.

His Cars 2 race cars. He's spent all of his birthday money on Cars 2 things. Here they are in a different location.
Two from the original Cars movie.
Cars 2 cars re-enacting a car crash. Poor yellow car.

Little Elvis wants to buy the "casino" car next. It's green and blue, and possibly from Brazil -- I don't know my flags like I should -- and I have no clue why he calls it casino.

Everyday, he brings me a little book he got for Christmas to show me which cars he wants to buy when he gets more money. Yesterday, Baby Plum came in right after his brother with a book. He pointed to a picture on the back and said, "Want that." I think it was a book about the alphabet. The shadowing thing is so funny.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brotherly fun

The boys and I went to play at my parents' house the other day.
Little Elvis showed off his climbing skills.
His brother had to follow.
Thankfully, Baby Plum just climbed through the holes.
They then rode together in a wheel barrow. They love to ride together in the wheel barrow.
Cheese Puff? He slept through all of the fun.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not exactly a silver bullet

The swing/bouncy seat I bought last week hasn't been the silver bullet I thought it would be.
Sometimes, he'll sit in it calmly.
Usually, he will scream and cry until I pick him up.
But every once in a while, sweet Cheese Puff will sleep. This only happens during the day. At night, he wants Mommy all of the time.

Right now, he is contentedly sitting (maybe sleeping -- I'm hiding behind him!) in his swing. And I get to play on the computer! Yay!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For the longest time, Baby Plum would say "Ah-pm" everytime he meant yes. It was incredibly cute, and we (and family members) would ask him questions just to hear him say, "Ah-pm."

Then, he switched over to "ng." It's kind of a back of the throat noise.

This week, mainly yesterday, he started saying, "Hes!!" He loves saying it, and says it all the time. When we watch Mickey, he answers every question they ask him. Of course he wants to help them find Goofy! "Hes! Hes!"

Does he want to play in the car with Mommy? "Hes!"

It's a nice counterpoint to the "No!" that he's been emphatically using for the past week and a half.

I have to get video of this. He's got a cute voice, and his way of saying no is cute. Also, his conversations with Little Elvis are really cute. Got to get video. Then I've got to upload the video. Edit video. Then I've got to post it. I never seem to make it to the second step.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Way behind

I'm way behind with poor Cheese Puff. I didn't buy his baby book until he was 2 weeks old, and I haven't done anything with it yet. (I just looked at Baby Plum's, and I didn't fill out lots of pages. In my defense, his is confusing and I never can find where things are supposed to go...)
Here my little duck sleeping on my dad. This doesn't happen all that often. Cheese Puff likes to be held by Mommy. Yesterday, my dad tried to hold him, and he just gazed at me. This is different for me, since both of my older boys pretty much only have eyes for their daddy. I'm trying to enjoy my moment in the sun, because I know he will prefer Daddy to me very soon.
I'm also terrible at taking pictures. He has the cutest expressions when I hold him on my legs -- he's got this very tight pursed lip look that I love, -- but I never have the camera ready. I just love his little feet, so I attempted to take a picture the other night. This was my best attempt.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tummy time

Cheese Puff loves to be held, but seems to enjoy small moments of tummy time. The first time I put him on his tummy, I swear I heard him sigh in relief.See how content? His cheeks are starting to get a bit chubbier. He's growing longer before growing out I think.

I love the size he is right now. I was so anxious with Little Elvis. I kept wanting him to reach milestones and be able to interact with me. With Baby Plum, we were in the midst of a move, and he was very content letting other people (mainly my father) hold him. Baby Plum also seemed to like the bouncy and bassinet better. Cheese Puff wants me to hold him. He's so light and small that I'm capable of doing some things while holding him. He's a sweet little size, and I'm doing my best to really enjoy it.

It's been a rough week around here. I thought I read somewhere that two kids tripled the work, but after that, it wasn't a big deal to add another child. I beg to differ. Two wasn't bad. Three is a lot harder. Possibly it's because my oldest has suddenly become a daredevil climber. His shadow (Baby Plum) wants to do everything he does and can't, so he gets stuck and cries. And the baby really prefers being held to anything else. My hands really are full right now. And I'm hormonal and stressed out by it. I know this will pass.

We plan on getting some sort of new swing/bouncy thing to put Cheese Puff in, and that should help a good bit. Any suggestions? Right now, the only thing that works is the car seat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kitty love

Baby Plum still loves the cats. He chases Slappy around shouting, "Cat-cat!" and now yells "M-Ow!"

Wally's too lazy to run from our over-zealous cat fan. Baby Plum cheering after getting a good hug in.
Another picture of the hug. He doesn't really try to pick poor Wally up, which is good. Little Elvis attempted the other night and couldn't do it.

Yesterday, Baby Plum had a rough few minutes. He first whacked the back of his head on our bathroom sink after bending down to pick something up. Then he ran into a door jamb. I think he was drinking from his sippy and didn't see the door. I kissed and cajoled, but the tears only stopped when I picked up Slappy and held her while Baby Plum very gently petted her. He's so much more gentle with her, but she refuses to let him get too close.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Different sleep phases

We're working on getting better at sleeping somewhere other than me. The carseat has been the best option so far.
This is Cheese Puff's "no pictures please!" pose. He's already fending off the paparazzi.

Here he's thinking. Thinking about his next meal.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Big change?

I've let my hair grow out, and I HATE it. I stopped getting my hair cut, because my last two professional haircuts weren't good. I'm one of those who brings pictures and is explicit about what I want. Yet, I still ended up with stuff I didn't like. How hard is a bob?

I cut Bob's hair, but he refuses to cut my mine. (This is probably a good idea on his part. He's seen my tears after really bad haircuts.)

So, I want to cut a lot of my hair off. But I keep reading that you shouldn't do it right after having a baby. I still think I'm going to do it, though.

Now I just need to find an affordable place with decent recommendations.

I'm also planning to color my hair. It's been months and the grays started coming in during this pregnancy. I think I plucked them all, but I still want to color my hair. First, I'll check on whether or not I can do it 2 weeks after giving birth.

Another reason to cut my hair? Cheese Puff keeps spitting up on it. I have a burp cloth, but my hair manages to get on top of it. It definitely needs to be shortened.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

More alert

Cheese Puff is getting more alert these days. He's opening his eyes wider and keeping them open longer.
They're still a light blue (to our family of mainly brown eyed babies.)
And he's really enjoying tummy time. No fussiness. He seemed to enjoy having a different perspective on the world.

He sounds awful. Just awful. His little cough is worse, but his nose isn't as bad. I'm hoping that means everything is breaking up.

We spent the morning with my grandmother. It was nice to get both boys out of the house, although I looked pretty awful. I'm still wearing maternity stuff, and I leaked on my shirt and then was spit up on. I really need to take my own advice and at least put a shirt in the diaper bag.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

House of sickies

All of our little boys are sick. The older two have ear infections, and Cheese Puff has a stuffy nose.

Little Elvis wanted to hold his new baby. Both Little Elvis and Baby Plum had well-visits yesterday. Both had stuffy noses, but I was shocked to find out they both had ear infections as well. Poor babies.

Little Elvis' appointment was kind of crazy. They drew blood (that was awful!) took his blood pressure (fun!) and he had to pee in a cup. How crazy is that? Baby Plum's visit was to discuss his speech. He started talking at just the right time. The doctor was very proud of his accomplishments.
Cheese Puff's appointment was today. His stuffy nose and cough are just in his head, not in his lungs. He's up to 8 pounds, 15 ounces and is now 21 inches long. Right after they weighed him, he spit up a ton all over both of us. He was naked, I was not. He had tons of backup outfits in his bag, I did not.

We went to Sam's to pick up a vitamin prescription, and boy did I stink. I mean, I really stunk. I need to put back up clothes in his bag I think.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Language explosion

Baby Plum at almost 2 1/2 has finally had a language explosion! We are so proud and excited for him.
He discovered the Bumbo the other day and loved it. He's sitting by his new "baby" (a new word for him.)
Hewwo and bye bye are some of his favorite words, and he's even doing some two word sentences.
He loves my makeup bag and I let him play with the eyeshadow while I got dressed the other day. He didn't learn that technique from me.
Little Elvis is loving the language explosion and is also trying to teach Baby Plum new words.

His speech therapist was so proud of him this morning. Yes, we did go out -- Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and me. I know Cheese Puff isn't yet 2 weeks, but I shielded him from others.

Also, the twos are officially here with Baby Plum. He and Little Elvis seem to have switched places somewhat, although this evening both were out to tick me off. I think with Baby Plum, it's a combo of the twos and having a new baby around.

At least Little Elvis' fits have slowed down. Now if I can only get him to willingly do things for himself...

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sleeping baby

Cheese Puff likes to sleep... on us for the most part. He's just like his brothers, and his mommy hasn't changed. She likes to hold him.
So does Daddy.
It's so understandable, he's so light and snuggly.
Sometimes he sleeps in the bouncy -- rarely.
The bassinet was a one time occurrence.
He prefers a warm body. And we do like to hold him.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Big brothers

These were taken in the week leading up to the birth of Cheese Puff. I just didn't get around to posting them
Little Elvis and Baby Plum swinging in their new sneakers. I believe Little Elvis is reading to Baby Plum.
Baby Plum found Mommy's old favorite toy and was hugging him and dragging him all over the house. The hugs were so sweet, but I couldn't get him to do it for the camera. Glad Snowy's getting some love again.
Little Elvis spent some of his birthday money on the Toy Story Bucket O' Soldiers. It was a ridiculous price, but I did have a coupon. While we weren't thrilled with the price, we have to admit that it was a great purchase on his part. The soldiers are also more rubbery than the $ store ones, so they haven't been stepped on and broken yet. Little Elvis loves them, and likes to put them in formations and then do the scene from the original "Toy Story."

See that smile? He hasn't played with them this week, though. Now he's back into Cars. Wow, how quickly his interests change.

Baby Plum goes from stuffed animal to stuffed animal, so I guess he does the same thing as well.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

More baby pics!

These were taken with my mom's phone. Bob took pics of me with Cheese Puff, but I had 3 chins! Can't post those. They aren't as obvious in this picture.
Cheese Puff sunbathing in indirect light. He had a very mild case of jaundice. We only had to go back to the hospital once.
Sweet yawning boy.
Looking serious. His eyes are somewhere between Baby Plum's and Little Elvis' shades of blue. Little Elvis' were navy, while Baby Plum's were a bright, light blue. Cheese Puff's are lighter than Little Elvis', but not quite as light as Baby Plum's. Sometimes he looks just like Little Elvis. Other times he looks just like Baby Plum.