Thursday, March 01, 2012

Getting used to a new routine

We're still getting used to a routine, at least I am. Baby Plum and Little Elvis both have colds, which is possibly throwing us off a little more. So, I'm way behind on getting pictures and posts up.
Cheese Puff with Little Elvis. This was taken on Cheese Puff's birthday. I'm just way behind. These are all from the hospital, and we only stayed in the hospital for two days.
Sweet Cheese Puff with Mommy one night. They didn't want to keep him in the nursery, although he was pretty good at sleeping.

Cheese Puff's leaving the hospital ensemble. He really didn't need the knit hat. The weather here is crazy! It's been in the 60s and 70s, which is possibly why Baby Plum and Little Elvis are coughing so much.

Cheese Puff and I are still figuring out a schedule. On Tuesday, he wanted to be held all day, but yesterday he let me put him in the bouncy and napped for almost 3 hours, and then napped again for about an hour. Today is more like Tuesday. My mom came over and she's holding him, so I can blog about him.

He still loves to be balled up. He likes to lay tummy-to-tummy in a kind of frog like position. Baby Plum was the same way. Cheese Puff does not like diaper changes, but then neither did his brothers at this point. He likes to eat and will take the pacifier some. One of the nurses tried to discourage me from using it. I don't shove it in his mouth all of the time, but when I need to put him down, it's nice to have the pacifier there.

He's starting to giggle and smile some in his sleep, as well as cry out and pout in his sleep. The pouts are super-cute, but it seems so early for the pout to come out.

Little Elvis is alternately very interested and not-at-all interested in his baby brother. Baby Plum is managing the jealousy. He tried to kick Cheese Puff while I nursed the other day, and is intent on climbing all over me while I nurse Cheese Puff. Baby Plum has realized that while Mommy's nursing, he has free run of the house and spent this morning getting into way too many things. I think he's stir crazy from being stuck inside with us all week, as well having that awful cough.

So, we are no where near settled in, and I'm apparently not supposed to drive for 3 weeks. I'm not driving this week, but intend to next week. I was also supposed to stay in the hospital for 4 days and they sent me home after 2. Obviously, I'm a quick healer, so waiting a week and a half should be fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great color in those little cheeks.
Hope you can get some rest when he naps for 3 hours (hurrah).
Grandpa Stew

3:41 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oops - had a not-so-good typo in the first version of this comment:

Your last sentences made me smile. I would definitely come to the same conclusion!

But, please, do be gentle to yourself.

4:02 PM  
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