Monday, March 05, 2012

Language explosion

Baby Plum at almost 2 1/2 has finally had a language explosion! We are so proud and excited for him.
He discovered the Bumbo the other day and loved it. He's sitting by his new "baby" (a new word for him.)
Hewwo and bye bye are some of his favorite words, and he's even doing some two word sentences.
He loves my makeup bag and I let him play with the eyeshadow while I got dressed the other day. He didn't learn that technique from me.
Little Elvis is loving the language explosion and is also trying to teach Baby Plum new words.

His speech therapist was so proud of him this morning. Yes, we did go out -- Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and me. I know Cheese Puff isn't yet 2 weeks, but I shielded him from others.

Also, the twos are officially here with Baby Plum. He and Little Elvis seem to have switched places somewhat, although this evening both were out to tick me off. I think with Baby Plum, it's a combo of the twos and having a new baby around.

At least Little Elvis' fits have slowed down. Now if I can only get him to willingly do things for himself...