Thursday, March 29, 2012

School day around home

We still don't have a great schedule for what we do at home while school is in session for Bob and Little Elvis. Baby Plum's watching way too much TV now. But I'm doing a better job at entertaining him some.
Here I tried to take a picture of Cheese Puff. He's awake, I just have no idea how to use the flash... will have to get a lesson from Little Elvis.
Baby Plum is modeling his rain coat and Mickey shirt. It was raining, which is why it was so dark in the morning. Little Elvis had to wear a raincoat to school, so Baby Plum needed one as well, even though he was in no danger of getting sick.
It was sunny the next day! We played in the car. This is Baby Plum's favorite activity. He gets to play in the front seat while I get Cheese Puff and our gear loaded.
While similar to Little Elvis, he's also very different. Little Elvis never cared about buckling himself in. Baby Plum loves to do this. He also turns off anything he turns on. Little Elvis didn't do this and we had to buy new batteries for both cars while living in Virginia.

Yay for the car! It gives us some fun during baby naptime.