Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I loaded the pictures off of my camera the other day, and was shocked that there were 53! Had it been that long since I last uploaded?

No. I forgot that little Elvis has become enamored with the camera again. He took about 20 pics of Cheese Puff after we got home from school one day. This one was kind of in the middle. I like that Cheese Puff is doing the Elvis snarl, while trying to wave off the paparazzo. Little Elvis even played with the flash! I can't figure it out. Good to know our 5-year-old can.

He's moved on to other models now.

His Cars 2 race cars. He's spent all of his birthday money on Cars 2 things. Here they are in a different location.
Two from the original Cars movie.
Cars 2 cars re-enacting a car crash. Poor yellow car.

Little Elvis wants to buy the "casino" car next. It's green and blue, and possibly from Brazil -- I don't know my flags like I should -- and I have no clue why he calls it casino.

Everyday, he brings me a little book he got for Christmas to show me which cars he wants to buy when he gets more money. Yesterday, Baby Plum came in right after his brother with a book. He pointed to a picture on the back and said, "Want that." I think it was a book about the alphabet. The shadowing thing is so funny.


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