Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun weekend moments

Little Elvis had some very rough moments this weekend, but he had a great day on Sunday. We took the boys to my grandparents' church for their anniversary. All three boys through a worship service... very scary. Especially since Baby Plum stays in the nursery at our church and Little Elvis leaves during Childrens' Time.

We had no clue what to expect, but they were all great. Cheese Puff slept, Baby Plum colored, sang, broke church pew pencils, laid down on the floor and only had one melt down -- some man gave him an orange sucker and he was much better. Little Elvis played with two of his Cars 2 cars and snuggled with Coachpa.

I think my grandparents were happy that we came.
The older boys rode home with Gram and Coachpa. Apparently, they had a lot of reading to do. This whole do-exactly-what-my-older-brother-does phase is very cute.
On Friday night, Baby Plum spent the night with Gram. Little Elvis was stuck screaming in his room at home. It was a fit to end all fits. I think Baby Plum loved the extra time with Gram by himself and he also had fun playing on the ipad.
Cheese Puff also got to hang out with my mom some on Saturday by himself. She said he had lots of fun. He really enjoys laying on the floor and kicking (and spinning!)

The younger boys and I went to my other grandmother's this morning. I forgot that Baby Plum's speech was cancelled. I think they had fun. Although, to be honest, Baby Plum seems to always have fun.

Little Elvis now asks what we did when he gets in the car after school. He's realized that our worlds don't stop while he's at school. He was upset last time we went to Granny's without him. He said, "Let's go. I get to see Granny, too."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dancing for Life

Bob was in charge of his employer's Relay for Life booth this year. They do a cake walk and bake sale. I brought the boys to set up.

I've never done a cake walk, but it must be like musical chairs. They needed music and played Little Elvis' playlist. It's a diverse set of songs. The boys were thrilled to hear their music. I love this shot of Little Elvis. He's really getting into it.

They had a blast. And I decided to get video evidence with our camera. This isn't the camcorder, so quality isn't as good. But it's a whole lot easier to download.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just thoughts

The photo session went fairly well yesterday afternoon. The photographer didn't ask for my help with poses, so I didn't offer any suggestions. (The person that booked us suggested I come up with poses, which is why I thought I was supposed to...)

We got one of all 3 looking into the camera and maybe 1 1/2 smiles out of the three. They each smiled in their single shots.
Baby Plum did a surprisingly good job with his. He's been kind of wonky this week. He's sucking his thumb more, and he's fighting with Little Elvis a whole lot more. Usually, Baby Plum lets his brother's bossyness roll off his back. He's definitely the most laid back of our bunch, except for Bob. Little Elvis yelled at him on Saturday, and Baby Plum broke down in tears. He never does that. It was pitiful. I found out later that Little Elvis, who spent the night with my grandmother, didn't go to sleep until after midnight! No wonder he was so cranky on Saturday. He spent most of the evening in his bedroom... not sleeping.
Sweet Cheese Puff is starting to smile some. He's not staring at his hands yet, but he is sucking on them. I think we may have another thumbsucker. His goosebumpy skin looked red and rashy at the picture shoot. I rubbed him with more Eucerin cream and he looked great this morning. It wasn't hot yesterday, so I have no clue what's doing it. It still doesn't seem to bother him. A woman at church gave me some Aquaphor. I'll try that next time I guess.
And a picture of Coachpa with his three grandboys. Baby Plum calls him "Oh Ah." He calls my mom "Mom." And today, he started calling me "Ma." He reverted back to Mama right before naptime, which I prefer. I feel like I should be in Mayberry when he says "Ma."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Picture poses

We're getting pictures made of all 3 boys tomorrow afternoon, and I'm trying to come up with pose ideas. We learned with baby Baby Plum and Little Elvis that it's difficult to take pictures of an infant and an older child.

Little Elvis can kind of hold Cheese Puff, but what about Baby Plum?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Elvis-isms

Little Elvis is the funniest child. And this week, he's been in fine form.

On Monday, when I picked him up from school, the teacher helping into the car told him that he'd grown a foot. He looked down at his shoes to see where the new foot was.

I wanted to go for a walk by myself this week. I planned on leaving all of the boys with Bob once he got home. Little Elvis told me I couldn't. He said I had to take a kid. Why? Because someone might see me and think I didn't have any kids.

He's into washing his cars right now. I hate, hate, hate this. He runs the playroom bathroom sink full of water and puts his cars in there, then lets them drip everywhere. Right now, we are using the playroom bathroom since ours is still in the process of being tiled. No problem for Little Elvis, I caught him using Bob's toothbrush to scrub one of his dirty cars.

When I asked him if he'd done it before, he said, "I'm sorry." If he knew the phrase "plead the fifth" he would've invoked it. I never got a straight answer.

Yesterday when he got in the car after school, he said, "You better get ready. When I grow up, I'm going to sleep in bed with you and Daddy." I asked how old he would be. He said an adult.

One of his favorite phrases right now is, "You're never gonna believe this..."

Also yesterday, my father had to come jump my car off. One of the boys had unlatched the hatch in my hatchback. It wasn't open, but the light must've been on and run down my battery. I asked Little Elvis who did it. He said Daddy did it, without hesitation. Then he decided that Cheese Puff did it.

Here he is showing Baby Plum how to play a game he invented. It involved a calendar, a mini set of dice, a tiny wooden cross and a flat marble. The tiny dice were white with different colored dots. The one side had a red dot. Little Elvis told me looked like the Japanese flag. He learned that from Cars 2.
This was his latest tableau. He set up all of his army men and took several pictures. We fully intend to help him shoot a movie this summer. I keep pestering him for a star or a plot point, or something. I have a feeling it will be spy/superhero based. I found him a green screen video thing at a consignment sale last month. Bob got it to work on his computer, so now we can attempt to do some special effects.

Sweet baby pics and nice people

Look at that smile! Cheese Puff is now 8 weeks old, and almost at the 2 month mark. He's grown... a lot! His little cheeks are filling out, and he's getting leg creases on his thighs. He's also getting that line at his wrist. I love that baby fat indention, and will have to try to get a picture of it.One of Bob's students knitted this blanket for Cheese Puff. Can you believe that? It's so soft, and it's shaped like a star, because Bob teaches astronomy. I know that at age 18 or 19, I certainly wasn't putting any thought into doing something so nice for one of my professors. And I'm pretty sure that one's wife did have a baby the semester that he taught me. I was just thankful to have a couple of days off from his class. Each of our boys has ended up with a special blanket.

One of the students Bob tutored bought Little Elvis a super soft one when he was born. A friend made Baby Plum a little fleece one when he was born. And now Cheese Puff has his own blanket as well.

A woman that goes to my parents' church also made each boy a plate with his name on it.

Some people are just so nice.
I hate that this picture is fuzzy. It would be my favorite. I took it 2 weeks ago, and Bob tried to de-fuzz, but couldn't. I love the expression.

Poor Cheese Puff has bumpy skin right now. It's not baby acne, and it's all over his tummy, back, arms and legs. It's the same color as his skin, and my best description could be baby goose bumps.

The doctor's office said it was baby acne, but it's not. I'm rubbing him down with Eucerin, and I wonder if it's something on me that's doing it to him. His clothes and diapers are washed in one of the free detergents -- the ones that are free of dyes and perfumes, not ones that don't cost money. But my clothes aren't. I also do use lotion, and do touch lots of things everyday. I'm wondering if it's something that I'm doing -- my soap, make-up, lotion, dishsoap, etc. -- that's causing this.

It doesn't bother him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Plum vs. Big Boy Plum

Last week my mom asked Baby Plum why he didn't want to use the potty. She asked him if he was a big boy. He said no. She asked him what he was, and he said, "Baby."

Aha! It didn't occur to me that his newfound dislike of the potty was possibly because of the new baby. The good news is that he's now decided that he is a big boy, and he will once again sit on the potty. He still won't use it, but he's happy to sit while we sing his favorite potty song.

He climbed into Cheese Puff's neglected bassinet this weekend and said, "Look Mommy Baby Bed." I took it to be his longest sentence yet. He might have said "in." Anyway, it was cute and kind of funny, since he was still a "baby" at that point.I trimmed his bangs the night before. They are a little short, but not nearly as bad as the last time I cut them.

While we were standing in line at the mall yesterday for my free soda, the girl in front of us said, "Oh my God, that is the most beautiful hair!" She was looking at Baby Plum. He just kind of looked at her, and she turned to me and I think she was let down. My babies don't get their hair from me. We think they get it from both of their grandfathers.

Jeni from A Little Piece of Perfect suggested that we put Sir Strips A Lot in a backwards sleeper for nap and bedtime, and it's been working! Although this morning he figured out how to undo his diaper through the sleeper -- a problem with cloth diapers. I duct taped it and the put on the sleeper for naptime.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey Maverick!

My little Maverick riding shotgun while the "Iceman" drives.

Little Elvis, Cheese Puff and I went on a school field trip last Friday to a local zoo-type thing. I didn't want to do it. Four hours with his class, wearing my breastfed baby who eats way too often for me to pump. I grumbled for a week.

But, it was fun and it went really well. Cheese Puff was quite happy in the Snuggli. Little Elvis behaved very well. The weather was pretty and the other kids were also pretty good. I think one little girl in his class has decided the way to Little Elvis' heart is through his mommy. She was very into me. I should have told her that cars and movies are more likely to do the trick, but I'm fine with his current anti-girl stance.

While we were waiting to get onto the trolley pulled by a tractor (we are in the deep south) Little Elvis was talking with his best friend and some other little boys. His best friend has a new baby sister who was born in December. Little Elvis said his buddy had a baby sister. Then he turned to me and Cheese Puff and said, "This is my baby." Not his baby brother. His baby. He's so proud of both of his brothers. Whenever we go somewhere with Baby Plum, he makes sure to introduce his bruvver.

We forgot to bring sunscreen to an Easter Egg hunt. My solution? Wear your basket on your head. Sweet boy did this for about 10 minutes until the hunt began.Grandpa Stew and Gramma Shan sent them their Easter presents last week. While they loved their bubble guns and books, the box provided a good bit of fun. Baby Plum set it out and then tore on it until was kind of a stadium seat. Once it was ready, he got his frog and dinosaur and was ready for a ride. Little Elvis couldn't resist going along for the ride.

We're so lucky that the boys play together pretty well. They do have spats, but they also do a great job together.

Yesterday we met some friends at the mall play area. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for a free soda (I can't pass up a free soda) and Little Elvis told the girl ringing us up that Cheese Puff was his best friend. He thought a bit, and said that Baby Plum was his best friend, too.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby smiles

My mom and grandmother caught one of Cheese Puff's grins with a picture! It's cute. And he might be starting to smile on his own now. Bob was making faces at him during church, and he was doing the big open-mouth baby smile.

He's also starting to coo. They are super sweet. I need to get video evidence. I also need to get video evidence of Baby Plum's language explosion. I need to get over my issues downloading video from the camcorder.

It's more fun to watch and play with babies, than to download video.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Potty training

I guess it's been long enough since we potty-trained Little Elvis that I forgot what a pain it could be. Although the experience has been different with Baby Plum.

He flat out doesn't want to try. But he does want to sleep in the nude. Which means I deal with a big mess two times a day.

First, we put him in blanket sleepers with the button tab up top. When he figured that out, we safety-pinned the zipper. Once that no longer worked, we safety-pinned the inside of the sleeper.

When those failed, I put training pants over the diaper. That didn't really work. Duct tape on the sides of the diaper worked twice.

His overalls worked twice. We're now duct taping all the way around, and either putting him in the overalls or a safety-pinned sleeper. He seems to run out of steam against so many types of defense.

At least he has this week. I'm sure he'll outsmart us soon and I'll be back to the drawing board.

Here he is showing off the cool stickers that Ann Wyse sent us. I was trying to save them for something special, because he currently puts every sticker he finds on his tummy. I was the child who always saved my stickers for that special moment, and never ended up using them. Baby Plum is not like me. He wants to stick every sticker he finds as soon as he can. I think that's why he likes to put them on his tummy -- it's the closest thing he can find. Silly boy. I tried to save them, and unstuck them that evening. The next morning he found them and did the exact same thing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We are dealing with different issues with each of our littles right now. Not super-big issues, but still, feel free to offer advice.This beautiful, sweet, happy and helpful boy will not use the potty. He simply doesn't want to. It's not cool, because at naptime and nighttime, he strips down and pees everywhere. I will do a different post about all of the solutions we've attempted to fix THAT problem.He doesn't want to use the potty. Just doesn't. I think he can. At first, I decided not to rush him. He didn't walk until 15 1/2 months -- not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to. He didn't talk until almost 2 1/2 -- again, not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to. This child does things in his own time. The problem is that I'm tired of washing two sets of sheets, his blankets and toys all the time. He's also got little rashes on the insides of both thighs. His legs are tired of diapers, even if he isn't.

I got him a little Elmo potty lid that you fit inside big toilets. He loves the seat, but still won't use it.

Yesterday I was so mad that he had stripped down and peed during naptime that I made him sit on the potty until some pee came out. Cheese Puff and I stared at Baby Plum on the potty for about 10 minutes before a few drops came out. Baby Plum insists he didn't pee on the potty. I plan to continue making him sit until he pees. Hopefully this will encourage him.

I have more to say on this issue, but will do it in another post.

Little Elvis has problems of his own. He has now decided that he loves Cars 2. Wonderful. He wants to spend his money on Cars 2 cars. But he doesn't want just any Cars 2 cars. He wants the obscure race cars that participate in the World Grand Prix. These cars don't talk. In fact, their names aren't mentioned in the movie. Still, they are the ones he wants. We've lucked into finding a few at our Wal-Mart. But he got Easter money and wanted to buy Nigel Gearsley. Our Wal-Mart didn't have that car. Toys R Us had on their website that they do have that in stores. We went. They don't have it in our store. Little Elvis was very unhappy about this. He tasked me with finding that car somewhere. I have a feeling his $5 will not cover that car and shipping. And once that car's been located, then I'm going to have to find out the name of yellow one and figure out where to get it once he saves up more money. And of course he wants the Brazilian car. If anyone has advice on where to find these, please let me know. I did find a cool Pixar Wiki website with backstories about all sorts of Pixar characters. Little Elvis will love that.
And finally, my baby baby. He's sweet. He's getting chubby. Cheese Puff sleeps very well during the day. In the evenings, he wants to be held and fed constantly. At night? He wants to sleep with me. He forces himself to stay up so I won't put him in his swing. He's been against the swing for the past few days. I re-washed the sheets in the bassinet. Maybe he'll like stretching out more now. I'm ready for a good 2 or 3 hours rest without a baby snuggled to me. I don't fully sleep worrying about him. And sometimes I wake both of us up trying to feed him in my sleep. He doesn't even eat really. He just wants my warmth and maybe my heartbeat?

So, those are our issues. They aren't terrible issues. They just are the things we're currently dealing with in our little house.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter pics and Easter Bunny confusion

Happy Easter from Little Elvis, Baby Plum and Cheese Puff! I have more pictures, but the blogger picture uploader isn't having any of it.

The older boys enjoyed their gifts from the Easter Bunny. Little Elvis got the Japanese car from Cars 2. He saw Bob get it. So he kind of knows that we have something to do with the Easter Bunny, but he's playing it cool.

Baby Plum got a Mickey Mouse paint set. I realized that I've never tried crafts with him, because his brother is so anti those things. He tried them out last night, and really seemed to enjoy them.

I think a big reason why Little Elvis isn't questioning our help with the Easter Bunny is our neighbors. We have the nicest neighbors. I'm going to guess they're in their 70s to 80s. Most holidays since we've moved into our house, they have left us presents at our front door. So on Christmas, Easter and even one Valentine's Day, the boys have gotten some pretty sweet gifts. Little Elvis thinks that the Easter Bunny delivers his presents to the back door. This year, both older boys got recordable books. Cheese Puff got some sweet Peter Rabbit dishes.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Playing with a baby

Little Elvis and Baby Plum are trying to figure out how to play with Cheese Puff. Little Elvis often asks what Cheese Puff can do, and what does Cheese Puff say? Lying on the floor together is one thing they can do. Little Elvis and Baby Plum look so big, in this picture!More often than not, the big boys play without the baby. My mom took them to visit her mom, our Mawmaw, last week and they had fun. As always.My cousin's motorcycle was also there. Fun. Little Elvis told me he was going to get one of these when he grew up. I bit my tongue. Hopefully, this is one thing he will forget. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but Little Elvis is like an elephant, he forgets nothing, except when it comes to getting ready for school in the morning.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Knocked noggin

Baby Plum had a rough weekend. Both older boys spent the night with Gram and Coachpa on Friday night. On Saturday morning, Baby Plum apparently attempted to climb onto the table and fell, hitting the back of his head hard on the ceramic tile.
This is pre-injury. Just accidentally got a picture of his pretty curls. He let them put some ice on it, and you could definitely feel the big goose egg. We went to our church Easter egg hunt, and he was able to play on the bouncies.

Then we went to Sam's for lunch (more for us than the boys, who had been gorging on sweets.) While there, Baby Plum climbed up on a table, and fell off, whacking the same spot on the concrete floor.

He was bawling. I picked him and carried him to Bob. I'm sure people thought I was mean (I kissed and cooed the whole way) but if Bob is around, Baby Plum wants him. He wants his daddy first and foremost.

Bob calmed him. I gave him some of my soda, because he is my child and soda always makes me feel better. We called Nurselink. They said to take him to the MedServe clinic since we were so close.

But Baby Plum stopped crying. We walked around a bit, and the sniffling started up again. This is normal behavior for Little Elvis, who will relive accidents in his mind and bawl. But it's not for Baby Plum. We saw a woman in a t-shirt about nursing and asked her. She said to take him just to be on the safe side.

So Bob took Baby Plum to MedServe, while Little Elvis, Cheese Puff and I bebopped around Sam's. We were there about 2 hours, and both boys were great for me.

We nursed in the big bathroom stall (which I haven't done since Little Elvis was a baby, and I still hate it.) Little Elvis chattered about Mommy Milk the entire time. I'm sure the people who heard us (and everyone in the bathroom did, because Little Elvis is loud) thought we were nuts.

We then played on the furniture, watched the Cars 2 preview on the TV right beside the guy selling DirecTV. I got the hard sell. But he was nice, especially when he heard we only have 13 channels and mainly have cable for the internet.

Baby Plum was also great for Bob. The doctor said he should be fine, and they didn't take a CT scan. His knot was huge -- you could see it poking out his hair -- and it also had a cut on it.

He's doing pretty well. We mainly wash the front part of his hair, and we change his diapers with him standing up.

His biggest issue with the injury is that we won't let him jump on the bed or the trampoline, especially not with Little Elvis. Little Elvis knows his brother's head hurts, but can't seem to stop himself from trying to touch/hit that spot.

I'm hoping it will start going down soon, so they can get back to their regularly scheduled rough housing.