Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Plum vs. Big Boy Plum

Last week my mom asked Baby Plum why he didn't want to use the potty. She asked him if he was a big boy. He said no. She asked him what he was, and he said, "Baby."

Aha! It didn't occur to me that his newfound dislike of the potty was possibly because of the new baby. The good news is that he's now decided that he is a big boy, and he will once again sit on the potty. He still won't use it, but he's happy to sit while we sing his favorite potty song.

He climbed into Cheese Puff's neglected bassinet this weekend and said, "Look Mommy Baby Bed." I took it to be his longest sentence yet. He might have said "in." Anyway, it was cute and kind of funny, since he was still a "baby" at that point.I trimmed his bangs the night before. They are a little short, but not nearly as bad as the last time I cut them.

While we were standing in line at the mall yesterday for my free soda, the girl in front of us said, "Oh my God, that is the most beautiful hair!" She was looking at Baby Plum. He just kind of looked at her, and she turned to me and I think she was let down. My babies don't get their hair from me. We think they get it from both of their grandfathers.

Jeni from A Little Piece of Perfect suggested that we put Sir Strips A Lot in a backwards sleeper for nap and bedtime, and it's been working! Although this morning he figured out how to undo his diaper through the sleeper -- a problem with cloth diapers. I duct taped it and the put on the sleeper for naptime.